One Piece Or Two Piece Drysuit Undergarment?

One Piece Or Two Piece Drysuit Undergarment?

When it comes to what drysuit undergarment options, there are almost as many out there as drysuit options themselves. While the drysuit itself is most often the most important part of the equation, a quality undergarment almost always runs a close second. Here at Dive Right In Scuba we regularly receive customer inquiries about which undergarments and options are the best for them. Being active divers ourselves, we know how a less than perfect equipment solution can ruin an otherwise epic dive experience. So with that in mind we take our customer questions to heart and make every effort to guide them towards the perfect solution. With that in mind, let’s have a quick discussion whether a one piece or two piece drysuit undergarment is for you shall we?


One Piece Drysuit Undergarments


This is one question that has plagued the drysuit diver for the ages(well, not ages...but as long as there have been drysuits). Funny story...when I was taking my basic open water class my instructor was wearing a one piece fleece undergarment on the drive to the quarry. I asked him if he wanted milk and cookies before bedtime. Of course, I found it funny until after the dives of the day...I was shivering and he was comfortable and toasty warm. I was wearing a thick wetsuit that day. So, back to the discussion on one piece drysuit undergarments(I still think they look like kiddie pajamas). Well, one piece garments are good if you don’t want to worry about the top riding up and giving you a nice exposed section of skin around the midsection. They tend to be simple, less to the equation, easy donning, and warm.


Two Piece Drysuit Undergarments


Two piece undergarments shine in situations where you may want to layer your pieces, or if you don’t use a pee valve and need to easily use the bathroom topside. In addition, I have found that I can wear the drysuit top and a pair of jeans to the dive site...simply pulling off the jeans and popping on the bottoms before donning my drysuit. Which makes things nice on a cooler topside day when I don’t want to pack an extra jacket! Of course with a 2 piece...that’s an extra piece you need to pack.


The Extras


Whether you choose a one piece or two piece undergarment, bear in mind that there are still other parts to the equation. First, understand that most undergarments don’t include thermal protection for your feet so socks will be a requirement. In addition, when diving dry it is most often a little cool topside so do you have adequate protection for your head when you pull your hood off? How about a set of gloves to keep your hands warm...both above and below the surface?


The crew here at Dive Right In Scuba understands that outfitting yourself for drysuit diving can be a daunting experience. That is why we are here to put our experience to use in helping you wade through all of the information out there and only get the best solution for your personal needs.