Scuba Emporium is joining the Dive Right In Scuba Family, and is now Dive Right In Scuba: Orland!

Scuba Emporium is joining the Dive Right In Scuba Family,
and is now Dive Right In Scuba: Orland!

We are happy to announce that as of Today, Scuba Emporium has now joined the Dive Right In Scuba family. From today on, it will be Dive Right In Scuba Orland! Scuba Emporium has been located in Chicago's south suburbs since 1974. The facility is located approximately 45 minutes from downtown Chicago and offers a 7,500 sq. ft. store with two classrooms and a nice, warm, in-ground heated pool. The new location is at: 16336 South 104th Avenue Orland Park, IL 60467

What does this mean for Dive Right in Scuba?

Not only are we adding this fantastic retail space, but we are also expanding our services:

  • In-house Hydro inspections
  • Heated pool
  • New swim programs
  • Additional and convenient location
  • Veteran program
Special Thanks to Patrick and Sherry Hammer...

Patrick Hammer is a dive industry icon, a PADI Platinum Course Director, and has even taken on the challenge of creating a Dive Show. We are honored to keep Patrick with our programs and continue to grow the Instructor Development programs through PADI! This will be great for those looking to become Instructors all over the world as Patrick gets to focus on his biggest passion, teaching. Sherry is a PADI Master Instructor, and would like to focus on youth programs.Join us in giving a big thanks to Patrick Hammer and Sherry for their past commitments to the Dive Community and world, as we all take a huge next step forward.

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Aqua Lung Military

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Aqua Lung Military

With the solid foundation of the Aqualung group of companies, it’s no surprise that they would be outfitting some of the most demanding professionals in the underwater world, our military and public safety teams. Aqualung Military has for a number of years now, been one of the premier manufacturers of top quality open and closed circuit dive equipment for combat, rescue and investigative applications. What’s more, Aqualung Military also provides equipment for non-diving maritime applications. This includes; surface, tactical, water rescue, and SAR applications. From masks, fins, boots, gloves, to load bearing harnesses, and specialized life vests, the crew at Aqualung Military have your teams diving AND non-diving maritime needs covered. Having said all that, let’s take some time and get to know just a few of the products that are good enough to carry the Aqualung Military name.


Rapid Diver PRO System

        For the first responder, when seconds count, there’s the Rapid Diver PRO System. Easy donning and equipped with 50 lbs of lift, the Rapid Diver is designed for professional use and able to handle any emergency. With a modular design and wide array of components, the Rapid Diver can be customized for just about any application imaginable. What’s more, the Rapid Diver comes with a 27 cf cylinder, integrated inflator, pull handle, 100 denier construction, MOLLE cross webbing, full size cylinder back mount system, dual Co2 deploys and three dump valves. Does your team need a fast deploying, self-contained system that will be there when lives matter? Then take a look at the Rapid Diver PRO System!


BC1 Military BCD

            A comfortable AND rugged BCD that is highly configurable? A pipe dream? Nope, it’s called the BC1 Military BCD. For those teams that are tough on their gear, yet wear it long enough to require comfort, the BC1 is the perfect solution. Chock full of features like; a removable back pad, non-swivel shoulder buckles, changeable waist belt, donut shaped bladder, 4 dump valves, and an adjustable chest strap make the BC1 a top contender for public safety and military dive teams. What’s more, the BC1 has 52 lbs of lift and the ability to use twin cylinders. So, when your team needs a BCD solution that can handle both non decompression and decompression diving, reach for the BC1 from Aqualung Military!


Hazmat PS Drysuit (Public Safety Hazmat Diver)


For the dive team that needs a fail proof hazmat drysuit solution there’s the Hazmat PS Drysuit. With uses in catastrophic disasters like the gulf oil spill, the Hazmat PS is a tough built suit that has been in use by public safety dive teams for years. With advanced construction and standard features that were once considered high end upgraded, the Hazmat PS is designed with the individual divers comfort and safety in mind. After all, if the diver is compromised, then he can’t do his job! The Hazmat PS comes packed with features like; chemical resistant polyurethane, anatomically correct pattern with pre bent joints, available in 14 standard sizes and customs fits, durable and pliable, easy to repair, and high visibility coloring. What’s more, the Hazmat PS comes with a number of available options so you can have a custom solution for your teams unique applications. Does your team need a solid set of hazmat ready drysuits? Let us set you up with the Hazmat PS Drysuit!


More than just drysuits, BCD’s and first responder rigs

            Like their civilian operation, Aqualung Military takes pride not only in their quality equipment but also for their vast selection allowing public safety and military teams to customize their gear selections for their own unique applications. Need a surface drysuit? How about some SAR specific fins? The Aqualung Military product line also includes; helmets, masks, diving helmets, and even communication solutions. Do we have your attention? We thought so! While you’re here go ahead and take a look at the entire Aqualung Military line up.


Aqualung Military is second to none

            Like their civilian counterpart, we love working with the solid folks at Aqualung military. After all, the entire company personifies our mission of top quality equipment and services at affordable prices. So, when your team needs to get setup, let us at Dive Right in Scuba show you the benefits of Aqualung Military and their line up.