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Amphos Wrist Computer


Amphos Wrist Computer - Reviews

SKU: CW660

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  1. Great Backup Dive Computer & Watch review by Pete on 4/29/2015
    Overall Rating

    I have the Sherwood Wisdom 3 and the Amphos uses DSAT Decompression Model/Modified Haldanean (Same algorithm as the Wisdom3) so I use the Amphos as a backup making my diving even safer - If my Wisdom was to fail (Never has) I could use the Amphos data and keep diving with the analog gauges I carry - The Amphos also doubles as a time of day watch - It's not hard to use there are YouTube videos (www.youtube.com/watch?v=llFw_p6Bkl8) you can watch to get familiar with the Amphos - The operators manual is OK but watch the videos first so you have a baseline knowledge of the Amphos - Would have rated 5 stars but I feel the manual could be written a little better, easy for the end user to understand - Operators manual for the Wisdom isn't any better - Dive Right in Scuba offers it at good price - This was my first purchase from them but not my last their service is good and their web site is user friendly

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