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1k Shorty Dive Light

1k Shorty Dive Light

Eligible for Free Shipping
Eligible for Free Shipping
1k Shorty Dive Light
1k Shorty Dive Light 1k Shorty Dive Light 1k Shorty Dive Light 1k Shorty Dive Light

1k Shorty Dive Light

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Product Reviews

  1. Excellent Light review by John J on 9/22/2018
    Overall Rating

    An excellent light at an excellent price. Bright enough to be a primary light a...

  2. Wonderful Light review by Michael on 2/27/2017
    Overall Rating

    This is my go-to light. Nice narrow beam - perfect for spotting life or signall...

  3. Bright, compact, easily obtainable batteries! review by Wendy on 2/24/2017
    Overall Rating

    Initially I bought this as a backup light for recreational and technical diving,...

  4. love this light! review by Nicole on 12/20/2016
    Overall Rating

    i purchased this product based on a recommendation by an instructor. at first, i...

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About 1k Shorty Dive Light - by DRIS Dive Gear SKU: dris1kshorty

Introducing the DRIS 1k Shorty!! 

This 1000 lumen light is extremely versatile. Great for any recreational diver diving in cold quarries/lakes or looking under a reef to see a nurse shark!  Pair it with the Soft neoprene goodman glove, and you have a hands free light that even the experience technical diver will cherish as they take this light to 450 feet.  With it's center back attach point, you can even clip this off to a D-Ring or retractor to ensure you don't lose this bright light. 

The 1k Shorty is powered by only 3 AA batteries in a triangle battery back that is protected by a triple o-ring design to ensure you don't flood it.  This gives the light a 1 hour burn time at max brightness and a run time of 4 hours of usable light.  With the built in overload circuitry, you can even use this on the surface, and the light will automatically dim to help prevent damage to the LED. 

You can see this light is one compact light and fits perfectly on a Compact Disc!  The scale of the main picture makes it look bigger, but it fits tip to tip right on top of a regular CD.

-Lamp: CREE XML U2 LED (single)
-Burn time: Over 50,000hours on the LED life
-Batteries:3x AA(Alkaline) Included -  1.5volts for other batteries used
--- Light performs better with higher end batteries (lithium polymer or rechargeable) Burn tests done with Alkaline batteries
-Weight: .75lbs with batteries
-Size: 2.2"(Head)x1.5"(Body)x1.65"(Tail)x4.9"
 -T-6061-T6 Durable Aluminum alloy, anti-corrosive anodized housing
-Twisting bezel for on/off function
-9 Degree Beam Angle
-Waterproof to 450 feet




California residents please click here for Proposition 65 WARNING

Proposition 65

Safe Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986 – Warnings Required

WARNING: This Dive Right In Scuba product can expose you to cretin chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

We appreciate your decision to purchase Dive Right In Scuba products to provide the best in water experience. We take our job seriously! You may have noticed that our products now show a warning label at point of sale referring to carcinogens and birth defects. You may also have begun to see warnings related to carcinogenic substances or substances causing birth defects prominently displayed in hotel lobbies, hospitals, or other places of business recently. These warnings are required by the State of California, and we believe that an explanation of the California statute legislating the requirement will provide you valuable information regarding the relative risks of the chemicals that may be present in consumer products.

In 1986, the State of California passed the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act; otherwise known as “Proposition 65” or "Prop 65". Prop 65 requires businesses like ours to disclose to individuals the presence of chemicals listed in the Act prior to point of sale. The regulations implementing this Act have been amended over time with the most recent updates will take effect on August 30, 2018. There are more than 900 chemicals on the Prop 65 Chemical List, including many chemicals that are found in components of a wide array of consumer goods or are used to manufacture components that make up consumer goods.

Prop 65 does not establish acceptable concentrations for any listed chemical; however, the agency which enforces it has established what is called "safe harbor" exposure levels for about one third of these chemicals below which warnings are not required. These "safe harbor" are established for listed carcinogens based on the quantity of the chemical that would result in one excess case of cancer in an exposed population of 100,000, assuming lifetime (70-year) exposure at the level in question. A similar process is used to establish safe harbor levels for listed reproductive toxicants. Additional information in plain language on safe harbor levels is available from the California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment at http://oehha.ca.gov/Prop65/background/p65plain.html

At Dive Right In Scuba, the safety of your in water experience is our highest priority. We go to great effort to select materials that offer superior value, quality, and durability while also being generally recognized as safe and reliable for the full life of the product. Dive Right In Scuba also works closely with many regulatory bodies, such as the US Coast Guard and Underwriter’s Laboratories, to ensure the longevity of your on-water safety through targeted selection of durable, long lasting materials and components that undergo significant validation testing before being used to manufacture end items. Sometimes the safety promise we offer appears at odds with the health and safety requirements of other legislation in certain parts of the world when some regulations are updated ahead of others. To ensure compliance with applicable legal requirements, Dive Right In Scuba has placed a warning on products that contain a Prop 65 listed chemical, either directly or as a part of the raw material supply chain. This allows us to comply with California law and provide our California consumers with the disclosure required by Prop 65, while still promising the safest on water experience possible.

Dive Right In Scuba is working diligently with regulatory bodies and our own manufacturing partners to continue to improve our product performance and reduce the presence of less desirable chemicals. Water is a precious resource we all share that is important to the health and well-being of our planet and all people. Our goal is to continue to enhance your water life experience while reducing our overall impact to the planet and, in particular, its waterways. While it is a bit of a juggling act to achieve, we are confident you will see continued improvement in both the immediate and long term future. We hope this explanation will enable you to understand why you will be seeing warnings on some our products.

Thank you for your continued use of Dive Right In Scuba products.

  1. Excellent Light review by John J on 9/22/2018
    Overall Rating

    An excellent light at an excellent price. Bright enough to be a primary light and I sometimes use it as a primary for cave diving. I also use it as a backup light. I’ve had mine for about 3 years now and it has never let me down, even on cold water dives in excess of 400 feet. The beam quality is great. I appreciate that is doesn’t use special or rechargeable batteries.

  2. Wonderful Light review by Michael on 2/27/2017
    Overall Rating

    This is my go-to light. Nice narrow beam - perfect for spotting life or signalling. I always carry 2 lol. My only wish for this light would be if it could accept Enloop Pro batteries. The Enloop Pro's do very well in cold (40F <) water, and fit fine in the cartridge, but are just a pinch too big for the overall internal diameter.

  3. Bright, compact, easily obtainable batteries! review by Wendy on 2/24/2017
    Overall Rating

    Initially I bought this as a backup light for recreational and technical diving, however it is bright enough to suffice as a primary for cave diving. I used it in the caves of Mexico and it was fantastic. I love the fact that it is compact, very bright, and uses commonly found batteries. It seems robust and comes now with both a soft handle and a hard handle. I tell everyone I know about this light.

  4. love this light! review by Nicole on 12/20/2016
    Overall Rating

    i purchased this product based on a recommendation by an instructor. at first, i was skeptical of the 1000 lumen claim with the said price. usually the lights being sold in my country are about 1/3 the lumens of this. when i got my order, i was extremely impressed with the brightness. although i don't think it is actually 1000 lumens, i'm happy with the performance of this light. i would buy more if i needed it and would recommend it to more people.

  5. Excellent Backup Light review by Carmine on 8/23/2016
    Overall Rating

    I orginally purchased this light early on, prior to tech training, as my primary light. I thought it worked great, especially for it's size. Then as I progressed I upgraded to a primary light with a much longer battery light and brighter beam. So I needed backup lights, switched the shorty from my primary to secondary and bought a second shorty as my second backup. IMHO they are the perfect backup light. They fit on my shoulder d-rings perfectly with a small snap bolt. They take up little room, but work great when needed.

  6. Really nice lights review by Steve on 6/12/2016
    Overall Rating

    I ordered these a couple weeks ago on a very short timeline before a trip to the Philippines. The DRIS staff rushed my order and got them to me in time! Originally ordered them to reduce my packing load, I've got several very nice lights already, but I liked these because they use AAs and it allowed me to use one type of battery for the new dive lights and all of the other gear (strobes, etc) which made packing easy. Super bright spot light on these and battery run time was north of 2 hours on each dive. I did notice a weird incident where the battery carrier swelled a bit due to heat/humidity and had a tough time getting the batteries in once, but overall extremely happy with them.

  7. Great light when on a budget review by Philippe on 5/5/2016
    Overall Rating

    I needed a primary light for my night diving class, and wasn't totally sure how much I would enjoy night diving. I opted for the shorty dive light with rigid mount as it powerful enough to be used in the PNW and affordable that I would not regret buying in the event that night diving wasn't what I was hopping for. Well I sure am happy I chose this light. The narrow beam makes it easy to signal my dive buddy as well as pinpointing point of interest during the dive. The light is fairly big and feel really well made. As noted before its a 2 hand operation to turn it on and off but I did not feel it was a nuisance at any time during the dives.
    I will keep it as my primary light for awhile and I will have no hesitation recommending it to friends.

  8. Superb Torch review by Randy on 4/13/2016
    Overall Rating

    I purchased this with the hard Goodman Handle and the combination is excellent for recreational night dives. As others has stated, the 1k Shorty requires two hands to activate. It comes with a lanyard which I cinched up my wrist. After twisting it on, I feed my hand into the handle and continue my dive. When finished, I slip it off and twist off the light. The construction is heavy duty and the light it produces is very bright. I carry this with me on every dive. I'm planning on ordering another one for backup. Ordering was effortless and shipped to me relatively fast (for being military stationed overseas).

  9. Best Scuba Light on the Market review by clinton on 4/1/2016
    Overall Rating

    The best scuba light on the market for the price is this. It is so bright yet compact and has a good price. It uses very commonly found batteries. It is very comfortable to use underwater and easy to turn off and on. I do wish it has a button instead because sometimes I have to remember to turn it the right way so I do not accidentally open it underwater.

  10. It was a great gift review by stephen on 3/26/2016
    Overall Rating

    I was given this as a gift from a friend. It is one of the best flashlights I have ever used. It is very powerful yet compact. I use this as a primary dive light. It is solid and has a quality feel to it. It is great value. This light is fatter than the standard ones but I prefer that over a narrow tube. It uses AA which I have plenty of them laying around which is a nice thing. I dislike using those special rechargeable batteries because they never seem to hold a charge or I forget to charge them. I recommend any scuba diving to have one even if you never dive at night!

  11. Solid light for the price review by Timothy on 1/15/2016
    Overall Rating

    I purchased this light to replace a canister light.

    No cord! The dive light is only a little bigger than the head from my canister.

    AA Batteries. I have tons of Eneloop rechargables, which is what I used with this light. I got about an hour or so of maximum brightness, which is a good amount from AA's. (If you want more, use the C battery lights.)

    No brightness control. 1000 lumens are great when you need them. But sometimes when you're in a small room in a dark wreck you wish you could turn it down a bit. That's really the only thing I missed from my canister. (And I really liked not having a cord to snag when in that tight, dark wreck!)

    The light is very hard to turn on and off. It takes two hands to do so, which means that you can't do it while it's in the goodman glove. Basically, you turn this thing on early and leave it on. But with the max brightness and short burn time, you wish this were easier to control!

    Finally, no notice of running low on batteries. Smarter lights will, say, blink when the juice is getting low. This just starts to get dim.

    I still give this light 5 stars because of the cost. It does not have all of the features you might want in a primary light. But it's not priced like a primary light, either. For the cost, it's a really nice light!

  12. LOVE THIS LITTLE LIGHT review by Carmine on 11/23/2015
    Overall Rating

    I've been using this light for a year. I find it to be a great light and the burn times have exceeded what are stated in the specs. Tough little bugger. I presently use it as a primary light, but it will eventually become one of my backups. The goodman handle that they sell to go with it I really like as well. Lots of pros. Ok, what are the cons: changing the batteries can sometimes be a challenge. The interior plastic casing that holds the AA batteries that must be taken out to change the batteries can be difficult to place back in the light, unless u have things just so. Sometimes it goes right back in, and other times you find yourself readjusting the way the batteries lie within the casing. I also have found that it goes smoother if you change out one battery at a time. ie take out one discharged battery, replace with charged battery etc, do not take all batteries out and then try and replace all with charged batteries. Anyway that's my experience. Still love this little light.

  13. Not a toy review by rick on 11/14/2015
    Overall Rating

    Not a toy. Heavy , well machined , provides useful, usable light.

  14. Amazing Light review by Steve on 9/11/2015
    Overall Rating

    I got this for Christmas and am just as impressed with it as with the bigger DRIS 1k. It's just as sturdy in its construction and just as bright, of course.

    This light is much fatter (and shorter) so I was skeptical it would be as comfortable, but I've grown to like it more than the bigger brother.

    It's small size makes it ideal for a backup light stowed in a pocket or on a harness.

    The downside is the much shorter burntime, but as usual DRIS underestimates the burn time using alkaline batteries. I typically get at least 3 45 minute dives out of this light before I start to notice the light fading so it lasts quite a while.

    This is a great light at the previously higher price, but a must-have at this price!

  15. Good Light Source, But.. review by Christien on 5/2/2015
    Overall Rating

    This a really bright light, but it only has one setting, On / Off. I wish this light had the capability to use a single Rechargeable Battery like the DRIS Impact. Other than that this was well worth the buy.

  16. lost for 3 months underwater and still works perfectly! review by kevin on 4/29/2015
    Overall Rating

    I lost my light when it fell off the dock into 95' of water. My buddy and I tried to locate it but I did not activate it before it fell in and the visibility when we arrived at the bottom was less than 5" (total braille dive). We aborted the search and planned to look for it the next time we dived the quarry. Three months later we again tried to recover my light and we were successful after the third attempt. I picked up the light from the silt on the bottom turned it on and we finished the dive with the light. The light functioned perfectly and still looked good after being submerged for three months. Except for some minor discoloration of the finish the light functions as it did when it was new and still looks great. I would not hesitate to recommend this durable light.

  17. fat, but powerful backup primary review by cave monkey on 3/10/2015
    Overall Rating

    I always get comments about how fat this light is when people see it on my harness. If I were to use it on my hand, not as a backup but as a primary, then they'd be signing another tune. I've tried this light next to big expensive primaries and it faired much better than expected. Between this light and a $500 canister light, the shorty is a better, safer choice. To really beat the shorty, you'll need to be ready to spend $700+

  18. The perfect dive light review by michael on 1/28/2015
    Overall Rating

    I've had a "Shorty" since they were introduced. I just reordered one as I lost my old one. This to me is the best all around dive light out there. It is compact- I have it clipped to my shoulder strap and it is there when I need it, but not in the way. These things are robust- no worries if you drop it on the boat. It uses AA batteries that easily last 2-3 dives so no changing batteries on a typical dive day. And the super bright focused beam is great for signalling, and for me penetrating the often dark cold waters here in So Cal. Perfect for looking under rocks, in crevices, and through the kelp. Well worth the money and better than most lights costing much more.

  19. Compact and rugged review by Debbie on 1/27/2015
    Overall Rating

    The light is rugged and compact, perfect for me even with the short run time because I'm not needing a 3 hour burn time. Another review mentioned the light is difficult to turn on, it sure was. I put a very minute amount of silicone on the O rings and it turns on very easy now!

  20. Nice Light review by Phil on 11/15/2014
    Overall Rating

    This is a good compact light at just over 5" long x 2" dia. Build quality is very nice and it feels solid and heavy. Unfortunately the twist on twist off function is a bit cumbersome as it takes two hands to operate. Also it has a very narrow non adjustable beam which is good for peering down long dark tunnes, but not ideal for photography.

  21. great focused beam, really broad body review by cavediver on 10/31/2014
    Overall Rating

    I was skeptical about this light. However, somehow they managed to focus the LED output to a tight beam that looks a lot more like an HID light than an LED. And, it's about as bright as my $1500 primary in it's hotspot. Really good light for the price! My only gripes are 1) i don't like needing two hands to twist it on, and 2) it is REALLY broad.

  22. Very nice compact light. review by Michael on 10/21/2014
    Overall Rating

    We ordered 4 of these lights. Great backup light with lots of light output. The size is great as you can drop it into a pocket and forget about it. Only issue we have run into is one of the 4 that we ordered is extremely difficult to turn the light head at deeper depths (deeper than 100ft) to turn the light on.

  23. Excellent budget light. review by Dalen on 10/11/2014
    Overall Rating

    Solidly constructed, very bright for a handheld light. The soft goodman handle is comfortable, but requires two hands to turn the light on and off. Would benefit from a hard handle. Excellent for open water dives or as a backup light, excellent for night dives. Small size makes it maneuverable without worrying about your arm interfering.

  24. Good value review by Martin on 8/29/2014
    Overall Rating

    We'll constructed light. Unlike plastic lights, the girth and heft of this light provides a feel of ruggedness and quality. The triple o-ring seal makes the head of the light difficult to twist to turn on the light and renders the soft handle worthless. The money I spent on the soft handle was totally wasted. I would recommend this light but don't bother with the soft glove handle.

  25. Great light, careful if using as tech backup light review by Aaron on 8/18/2014
    Overall Rating

    For the cost, it is a great short/shallow dive alternative to a canister light while freeing up your hand (when combined with goodman handle). NOTE OF CAUTION FOR TECH DIVERS - I found out that the light is extremely difficult/almost impossible to turn on below 200' due to the water pressure making the threads to turn the head extremely tight. I found this out the hard way when my primary failed and I switched to this light at 240'. For normal recreational depths this is a great light- sucks batteries a little bit, but if you replace batteries regularly after sustained dives it is an A+ light for recreational divers.

  26. BRIGHT, but bigger than expected review by litup on 7/17/2014
    Overall Rating

    the light is very very bright. It also feels robust, solidly built. the twist action to turn it on requires a good grip, both hands required. The only unexpected downside is how very bulky it is. Yes, it's shorter than other lights, but it's still a beast. about the circumference of the head of a big maglight.

  27. Great light - Soft Handle... Not so much. review by Michael on 7/16/2014
    Overall Rating

    The light itself is great. I love that it uses standard batteries so it is easy to stop and pick up replacements when needed. Burn time seems to be sufficient for a small backup light.

    I also ordered the soft handle that goes with this light. Overall, I found this handle to be fairly worthless. If you wear any type of glove it is impossible to turn the light on while it is in the light sock. The light just spins. Also, you will need to take the sock/handle off your hand any time you want to turn the light on or off.

    ----From DRIS---- Did you attach the light to the key ring that is built into the glove? If not, the light will spin. If you have it attached, it catches and prevents it from spinning so you can turn it ON/OFF

  28. Awesome review by OneRingToRuleThemAll on 5/24/2014
    Overall Rating

    Great solid build and very bright. Great light all around. Would recommend not going with the neoprene glove and instead going with the new ABS glove which is supposed to be better at stopping the light from turning. Great buy overall.

  29. Bright Light, Small Size review by Ryan on 5/20/2014
    Overall Rating

    I'm very happy with the brightness of this light. I bought the goodman handle along with the small light and the combination of the two make this thing very portable and easy to use.

  30. always on review by Joseph on 5/11/2014
    Overall Rating

    great light, only drawback is that it needs 2 hands to turn on/off. So turn on, mount on hand and it will be in use the entire dive. Otherwise, excellent, small, bright focused light

  31. Really Bright review by Tamara on 4/24/2014
    Overall Rating

    This light was recommended to us by another customer of Dive Right In and it was great - better price than what our dive shop had, and small, but brighter. It's a great light!

  32. Great light review by John on 4/11/2014
    Overall Rating

    An amazingly bright, compact light. I'm not a night diver, but in some modest daytime wreck exploration, this is all I've needed. And it's solid as a rock. As others have noted, the "glove" is a challenge to use (attached to the split ring, the light rotated several times inside the glove before getting tight enough to turn on and off – at this point, I'd have to cut it off if I wanted to remove it). I did find that it helped to strap it to the underside of my arm and jam it against my body while turning. And DRIS proved again to me that they're the best: when I reported a minor problem with my first one, they replaced it completely without question!

  33. Great light review by John on 4/11/2014
    Overall Rating

    An amazingly bright, compact light. I'm not a night diver, but in some modest daytime wreck exploration, this is all I've needed. And it's solid as a rock. As others have noted, the "glove" is a challenge to use (attached to the split ring, the light rotated several times inside the glove before getting tight enough to turn on and off – at this point, I'd have to cut it off if I wanted to remove it). I did find that it helped to strap it to the underside of my arm and jam it against my body while turning. And DRIS proved again to me that they're the best: when I reported a minor problem with my first one, they replaced it completely without question!

  34. Almost right light review by Douglas on 3/7/2014
    Overall Rating

    Firstly, this is a great light for the price. Good amount of light, nice beam width and I liked the fact that it had replaceable AAA batteries. The disadvantages are that its a little too heavy for an effective wrist mounted light and the neoprene glove is not a good design for a light of this weight. The light needs to be secured better and the goodman handle that's on offer may be a better solution than the neoprene glove. As a hand held light, it would probably be just fine.

  35. Solid and Bright review by STEVE on 3/7/2014
    Overall Rating

    Small but powerful. Bought this light for a trip to Grand Cayman nice and small for packing and doesn't need a lot of batteries. Great for looking in all those hiding places, small enough to carry on every dive so it's there when you need it. Plus this light can be can used out of the water without any damage. Built solid, very heavy duty.

  36. great review by Peter on 2/20/2014
    Overall Rating

    Been diving with this light for a few Months now.
    Great beams of light batman, this is a great torch. Small in size and lots of lumens!
    Perfect backup.
    Great primary light if you are just diving recreationally at night

  37. Amazing Light! review by Matt on 12/13/2013
    Overall Rating

    We went on a couple night dive in Bonaire, just my wife and I. The light worked great, good wide beam with a focal point in the middle.

    It wasnt until we went on a guided night dive that we saw how much better this light was compared to the other 15 lights that were being used. The beam was a nice white light (which attracted tons of small fish), the overall beam was wider and the focal point brighter.

    I also was amazed on how heavy duty the light was! Its a tank!

  38. review by JUNNAN ZHOU on 10/28/2013
    Overall Rating

    this is a good solid light,short and small one but have a strong and powerful light.The beam is narrow and focused,good for tec dive and maybe even for camera focus,i have found is even good for rec sidemount dive .
    dive right in scuba has the best service in all gear shop i have meet.

  39. review by Alasdair MacLeod on 9/14/2013
    Overall Rating

    The DRIS 1k Shorty dive light is great for its compact size. I purchased two of these for my son to use for his cavern training.
    On subsequent dives, I have found that the bright, compact beam from this light is bright enough for him to easily signal me while I use my 12w primary light.
    Battery life has been a little better than advertised--we've seen full power for 1 1/2 hours on Energizer batteries.
    Only down side is that it takes a little work to turn the light on and off when using the goodman glove (takes two hands--so you have to remove the light to turn on/off).
    Shipping and service from DRIS, great as always!

  40. review by Peter Bucknell on 9/10/2013
    Overall Rating

    This is a solid light with a lot of power for a small item, and really well priced. The beam is strong with a focused central spot and a peripheral halo that gives you good signaling accuracy .
    Convenient that it uses 3 aa batteries which you can buy anywhere.

  41. review by Hian Leng Pang on 9/9/2013
    Overall Rating

    Solidly built light. The casing is well built and finished, and the light is very compact. However it is quite a heavy torch especially if you are going to tie a boltsnap to it. Something to be aware of before buying.

    It is very bright however and easily beats most of the lights out there in brightness. Burn time is 1 hr after which it starts to dim, although it still works just not as brightly.

  42. review by Walter Burchfield on 9/8/2013
    Overall Rating

    I got this as a gift and totally love the light. Great little light and well worth the price. However, the light sock is about worthless. Two times in the water and it is already falling apart. It would also be nice to add a note stating that you should use the split ring on the sock to keep the light from spinning so you can turn it on and off one handed. I will probably look for a hard handle that will hold this light and cut my loses with the sock. Sorry DRIS but you fell short on the sock!

  43. review by Peter Kupchick on 8/12/2013
    Overall Rating

    Incredible product from an incredible company. I purchased one of these lights and accidentally had it shipped to a previous address. DRIS helped me sort everything out and went WAY beyond what I expected in helping me with my own mistake! I can not thank them enough. Now for the product; Build quality appears to be of the highest quality. So damn bright. This cuts through the silt you create in a lobster hole very well and allows you to figure out the best approach to capturing the bug. Love these lights!

  44. review by Justin Cuddeback on 7/27/2013
    Overall Rating

    This light is Great! Works better than any pistal grip type I have seen. Best part is that this light runs on three AA Batteries. Less expensive option to buy rechargeable AA. This was my first purchase with DRIS, and I had no problems.

  45. review by Wayne Teo on 7/24/2013
    Overall Rating

    My 2nd purchase for this product. After my friend had tested this light, my 2 other friends and I decided to get this reasonably priced light. The body of the light is sturdy and fits nicely on my palm. The light is extremely bright and best thing is, it uses AA batteries. Have yet to test it underwater. But I am very pleased with this product even on the land. Excellent service from DRIS!

  46. review by Dan Beery on 7/23/2013
    Overall Rating

    This light is inexpensive, small, extremely bright and uses cheap batteries. Pretty close to perfect in my book. I especially like the size of the beam. There is a big bright center with a nice wide light cast around that. I found it to be the perfect focus for scuba. Love this light, would buy it again for sure!

  47. review by Rick Thomas on 7/21/2013
    Overall Rating

    This light is amazing. Its hard to believe that output it had with only three AA batteries. I used Sanyo Eneloop rechargeable batteries it for the dive. I ran the light for 50 minutes before turning it off without any issues.

    The only negative thing I would say about the light is the goodman glove is useless. Since the light is a twist to turn on, you have to turn the light on before putting it in the glove. If you need to turn you light off underwater you would have to remove the glove. I opted to just use a retractable lanyard instead of the glove.

  48. review by Oscar Burggraeve on 7/17/2013
    Overall Rating

    Super duiklamp, met ontzettend veel licht. Erg handig in combinatie met de lamphouder voor om je hand. Echt super aankoop. De beste duiklamp die ik tot nu toe gehad heb.

  49. review by Jose Russa on 7/16/2013
    Overall Rating

    Light is as bright as many canister lights I compared it to. Size is perfect and glove is very secure. Very happy with the light. Might be getting a second one to use as a backup. It is a little bit heavy because of the batteries being a part of the light, but much lighter than complete canister light setup.

  50. review by Patrick thrift on 7/15/2013
    Overall Rating

    Great little light. Runs on 3 AA battery's which are available everywhere; super bright; compact enough to tuck away in a pocket even for dives when you don't expect to need a light, for that just-in-case.
    Feels sturdy and well made.

    It was on back order for about 10days when I ordered (june20 2013) so if you need it quick be mindful of that. I even called before I ordered and they said it was in stock, only to discover after hitting the purchase button it wasn't in fact in stock & ready to be shipped out.

  51. review by Doug VanKirk on 7/12/2013
    Overall Rating

    Great light at an unmatched price. It is difficult to turn the light on with one hand while in the sleeve, but I think that I can come up with a solution. DRIS always provides exactly what you are expecting.

  52. review by jessica vasale on 7/10/2013
    Overall Rating

    A dive buddy was wearing this and I could the light shining well in low visibility, which prevented me getting separated from the group.

  53. review by Quinn Smith on 7/8/2013
    Overall Rating

    This is a pretty nice light at a great price!

    I actually personally prefer the non-shorty version to this one, it is just more comfortable in my hand. However these have a much higher depth rating than the long version, and the project I am using these for required greater depth capability.

    As always DRIS was a pleasure to work with.

  54. review by VP431892 Yew Piow Alvin Seah SEAH on 7/4/2013
    Overall Rating

    Yet to use it underwater but brightness really shock me when i test it on the surface as it is really bright for this size.

  55. review by Nathan Chaffee on 7/2/2013
    Overall Rating

    I use this light for absolutely everything! When I'm not lighting up half of my local lake with it, I use it while stumbling around the house hunting for a midnight snack, or checking on that oil leak in the deep dark depths of my engine bay. Point is - this thing is so bright and so compact, you'll have hordes of inquisitive divers coming to check it out after your first night dive. Just be warned - if any of your current dive buddies have purchased comparable lights for a much higher price, they may not be your buddies after they see this!

  56. review by Chad Kovac on 6/22/2013
    Overall Rating

    this is a really good dive light its very bright and its very small very sturdy and you can tell it's well made. it even came with batteries. this is my new primary dive light.

  57. review by Ralph Wolf on 6/19/2013
    Overall Rating

    I compared this light to the UK SL3 and ScubaPro Nova 230.

    It's significantly brighter than both in terms of total light output. The SL3 is brighter than the Nova, but the spot size is not as tight.

    The Shorty's central spot is tighter than the SL3 and comparable to the Nova, which makes it a very nice signaling light for night or tech diving.

    It also has a nice lower intensity conical 'halo' around the main beam. (light that hits the reflector is focused into the central beam, but light that goes straight out the front glass forms the diverging beam. For looking at reefs 1-2 meters away the halo helps provide context to the main spot.

    I tried the neoprene handle and it was just okay. I wire tied an Allen wrench to the back of the light to provide a rotation stop so I could turn the light on and off underwater. That worked well enough, but as others have noted the wrist strap is too long/loose and I share their doubts about the life of the stitching (to put it snug on my wrists, there was almost no overlap between the two halves of the Velcro)

    Using freshly charged Eneloop NiMH batteries, it will easily last for a 75 minute tech dive, but it will not make two 60 minute recreational dives. (The SL3 & Nova will both comfortably do 2 rec dives, with the same batteries and C-cell spacers)

    At $105 each, I think the right answer is just to put it on a bolt snap and run the risk of losing one every 50 or 100 dives. (Do not mistake it for the upper snap on your stage bottle! I've thrown away a couple of SL3s doing that :-)

    It would benefit from a bevel on the first few threads to make it easier to get the thread started. Be gentle with it, until the threads are properly engaged.

    The *triple* O-rings are a nice touch and the aluminum body is very nice on a light of this price. (I soured on the SL3 because even though it has double O-rings, the body is soft plastic and you can easily cause fatal flaws/scratches by using the wrong tool to remove the O-rings for cleaning)

    The battery holder is a bit flimsy. I can see that getting oxidized and cruddy especially if you change batteries on a boat between dives. I'd like to see a spare battery holder offered with a splash proof pill bottle type case.

    Of course at this price, you could just buy two of them and do 2 maybe 3 dives a day without ever opening it up outside your hotel room!

    Even 4 of these things are cheaper (and probably lighter/more convenient) than one canister light.

  58. review by Daniel Poh on 6/17/2013
    Overall Rating

    This is one of the best torch i have bought. Totally no regrets....
    Went for a night dive with one...and it light up the world....

    The beam is really strong and very easy to spot others for signalling purposes even during the day.

    Manage to make a diffuser to use it with my uw camera and loving the additional light source for my uw setup.

    All the good....Buy and enjoy it...No Regrets...

  59. review by Zach Rogers on 6/5/2013
    Overall Rating

    I Am not completely happy with this purchase. I have only got it to successfully work on one dive and the light quality is not nearly as good as on the larger version. I have issues with batteries and the connection on the dives. Service is top notch as always.

  60. review by Danny Lee on 5/30/2013
    Overall Rating

    Excellent bright light. I bought the bigger DRIS 1000 Lumen light first and found that the C cells it takes was a bit of a problem. I like the environment, and I like using rechargeable batteries. There is no compact C cell charger. This Shorty light is just as bright, has a long enough burn time for recreational diving, and takes AA cells. Perfect! I bought two, and use the second as a backup.

  61. review by Chris Chaffin on 5/30/2013
    Overall Rating

    Wow, this light is blinding bright and extremely well manufactured. I read all the reviews and decided to go with this one and I couldn't be more pleased. This baby will light up the ocean!!!

  62. review by Gregory Strong on 5/28/2013
    Overall Rating

    I was looking for a resonably priced,more powerful, compact, LED backup light for general diving and travel. You never know when you will need a flashlight. I was originally looking at the DRIS 1000 lumen dive light when I saw the 1k shorty. I liked the compact size of the 1k shorty and that it uses AA batteries. This works out well since that I also use AA batteries for other camera equipment and I would not need to carry two different batteries when traveling. The 1k shorty is quality construction of an aluminum housing, a thick front lense and an easy twist to turn the light on. The brightness of the light output is fantastic.
    Just another great product from DRIS! Thanks

  63. review by Phyllis Money on 5/17/2013
    Overall Rating

    Feels solid and well made but I would have appreciated some instructions in the box. Also bought the soft goodman handle but I did not have a chance to try it as I was using it as may back-up light so it was clipped off on my D-ring. (Will have to think through how to put the light in the sock once already underwater?) I suggest buying the sock only if you plan to use the 1K Shorty as your primary light.

  64. review by Michael Guerrero on 5/6/2013
    Overall Rating

    Great little light. super bright, with a 5hr burn time. Perfect as a backup for my DRIS 1K regular light.

  65. review by Pierre Donvez on 5/5/2013
    Overall Rating

    Very powerful light, very well built, and it DOES come with batteries which is nice. The optional neoprene goodman handle/glove is also great although I didn't qui figure out how to turn on the light when wearing it one the neoprene goodman glove.
    Great price, great light, great service! Thank you DRIS

  66. review by ROBERT SAVAGE on 4/29/2013
    Overall Rating

    Great light, the glove is a little akward to use and put on but worth having.

  67. review by Mario Robillard on 4/26/2013
    Overall Rating

    I received my Shorty 1K this week and had a chance to try it and compare it with my HID 21W..... WOW, that`s a super bright light in a compact size. As a technical diver, it`s a good backup light for me but it could be a primary in some environnement.....hot water....carabbean. Great job DRIS for this wonderful Led light.

  68. review by Kenneth Spearman on 4/26/2013
    Overall Rating

    Awesome light. Works great with goodman glove while spearfishing!

  69. review by hugh snow on 4/23/2013
    Overall Rating

    Nice very bright light, definitley recommend the glove with this

  70. review by Michael McElligott on 4/17/2013
    Overall Rating

    My first dive light. Bought it based on the numerous positive reviews- BRIGHT!! Well made and sturdy, small but not puny, a great back up light or primary light for a daytime diver than needs it to look under ledges. Optional glovelet is great for hands free, another reviewer commented though- hard to turn on/off while strapped to your hand (twist on/off).

    I plan on clipping it to by bc and bringing it along on day/night dives alike.

    Fast shipping, great service by DRIS!

  71. review by Brandon Houser on 4/15/2013
    Overall Rating

    1k shorty dive light.
    This light works as it is designed and is an awesome dive light for a primary!! I bought 2 of them with the goodman handle and love them!!
    DRIS was extremely helpful because I had some questions about the website and some clarification. I called them right after ordering and they made sure it was correct!! Excellent service!!

  72. review by Roar Saethre on 4/12/2013
    Overall Rating

    Lots of light for the money! Tried it alongside my LFM XML Tech backup, and it gave as much light. The DRIS 1K Shorty is a bit more yellow, and I guess it has another temperature value. Since I ordered 2 of these lights, I will try it on my GoPro rig, maybe with some kind of diffusers.

  73. review by Brandon Whiteman on 4/10/2013
    Overall Rating

    This light is awesome. I have a DRIS 1000 and loved it, this light may be even better. It is now my primary that stays in a goodman handle and my 1000s are now my backups. Has a good burn time on rechargeable AAAs.

  74. review by martin lachapelle on 4/9/2013
    Overall Rating

    I'am very happy of my product, this light is very powerful for the size. I don't want to pay more than 800$ for a good light. With this light I don't want to buy another one.

  75. review by Will French on 3/26/2013
    Overall Rating

    This Light is amazing! Well worth the price. I do tech Diving and this light was my primary for 6 wreck penatrations and it did as well as some of the much more expensive lights. I will be ordering another!.

  76. review by Jesper Sallander on 3/23/2013
    Overall Rating

    Fantastic little light and a great value. I bought a pair of these with lightsocks for my son and myself, used them in the Ginnie Springs Ballroom and on a night dive in thie keys. Fantastic for both applications, I highly recommend pairing it with the dive sock, as this frees up your hand. Your buddy will need to assist you with turning the light on, unless you turn it on before strapping on the light.

    DRIS sales was great as usual, thanks Debbie!

  77. review by John Gayle on 3/21/2013
    Overall Rating

    Light is very well built. Solid feel and very bright beam. Twist activation to turn on. It is a little difficult to turned on in light sock easier to use without sock. DRIS good customer service and fast shipping.

  78. review by Gerry Carter on 3/21/2013
    Overall Rating

    Ordered 2, one for both me and my son. Looking forward to diving with them. Excellent service.

  79. review by richard staggers on 3/20/2013
    Overall Rating

    OK the 1k shorty is seriously bright. Nice light. It is definitely a little brighter than my 2-1k's. The quality of these lights is the best I've seen in a dive light and I own twelve other dive lights that now are in a box in the garage because no light has ever held up to the abuse I give them. The DRIS lights hold up dive after dive . The 1k's are always clipped on my nomad (62 dives in cold dirty quarry water with no maintenance since OCT) and the shorty has found a permanent place on my hand. I expect the shorty to hold up fine because it is more of a tank than my 1k's. Nice job. PS Could DRIS make a can light next...PLEASE!!!

    Thanks DRIS for quality products and fast shipping.

  80. review by Robert Stell on 3/17/2013
    Overall Rating

    This was my first experience with Dive Right In Scuba and I must say I was impressed with the entire process. The product(s) arrived on time and were just as described at the best price available anywhere.

    The light is built like a mini tank. Of course I dropped it on the first day right out of the box onto the tile floor in my home. I picked it up and inspected for damage...none to report and the light performed fantastically on lake dives up to about 80 feet. I was truly impressed by the beam of light from this little item. I purchased this with the glove. The glove is my only complaint. As you activate the light by rotating the end piece and the light itself will rotate in the glove, I found the glove was not well suited to its purpose. The light is a 5/5. The glove needs work if it is to work well in conjunction.

  81. review by Kamil Bohuslav on 3/14/2013
    Overall Rating

    Simply an awesome light.
    Ordered 4 of them for me and the buddies and everyone is very impressed.
    Just as bright as a canister that we had purchased in the past for over $700.
    You won't be disappointed. Just as bright as the longer version 1000 Lumen Dive Light purchased last year.
    And of course awesome service with Mike and the gang.

  82. review by Jeffery Perry on 3/13/2013
    Overall Rating

    This is an Excellent light. Comfortable size, and the focused light is perfect for looking in ship wrecks, caves, or holes in the coral. DRIS is amazing, their service, their knowledge, and they always have what I need, Thank you guys!

  83. review by Malcolm Rossiter on 3/7/2013
    Overall Rating

    The Shorty dive light is excellent, it's size makes it not only an amazing backup light but also a great main light. Its really handy size on day time diving light when you want to sneak a peak and see what interesting things are hiding in small crevices. Much easier then the big lights then.

  84. review by Coll Jaxen on 3/1/2013
    Overall Rating

    Outstanding light... and for the money!!! I bought this for my wife as a primary light, though not as bright as my canister (duh) it still keeps up.

    Service and shipping, well, its DRIS, you always get spoiled!!!

  85. review by Kevin Roche on 2/28/2013
    Overall Rating

    This is one really powerful light for the money. It is small enough to be a back up but at 1000 lumens it works as a main light also.
    It is substantial in build and definitely not a cheap plastic light. I am so Impressed , I am getting another one.

    Kudos to Dive Right In as I ordered some weight pockets (regular delivery) just before my trip to Roatan and was expecting to get the pockets after returning but they actually came the day before I left. Thumbs up !

  86. review by Kent Rychel on 2/22/2013
    Overall Rating

    Everyone has been raving about this light, and I had been temped for awhile. One of my students showed up with one the other day and I tried it out. I went home and ordered one that night!
    I have to admit that I have a bit of a fetish when it comes to dive lights. Our Scuba school provides lights to students for night specialty dives, so this gives me an excuse to try new lights. I have a number of Hollis lights, iTorches, UKs, Princeton Tecs, and others. For most applications, the DRIS 1K Shorty is now my favorite light.
    It isn't great in clear tropical water where it blinds and scares fish and creatures. I prefer using an adjustable beam light, no brighter than 220lms set on a wide dispersed pattern for those conditions.
    Te DRIS 1K Shorty is absolutely great for signaling, as a back up light, for use during the day to peer into dark places, for wrecks, for caverns, lakes, feeding my horses late at night.....

  87. review by Robert Bronakowski on 2/14/2013
    Overall Rating

    I like the compactness of the light. Fits perfect in a pocket for a back up light. DRIS is on top of things.

  88. review by Dan Fretland on 2/10/2013
    Overall Rating

    This light is solid. It packs a nice punch in the hot spot, but also has a wide illuminating halo outside the hot spot. The 3 - AA batteries will make this a very versatile unit. I've been previously using a 700 lumen canister light for my tech/wreck diving, but this new beauty may be taking over. It's nice not to be attached to a cord...The goodman handle was a good add-on too. Highly recommended, and what appears to be a great product from DRIS.

  89. review by Doug Gutierrez on 2/7/2013
    Overall Rating

    This is an awesome light, well engineered and bright. I was tracking the 500, then 1000 lights and almost pulled the trigger on them, but then the shorty came out and I'm glad I waited. So you can stop improving the lights now :-).
    I used it on a night dive on a reef and a regular dive on a couple of wrecks in Jupiter and it worked great. I'm going to use rechargeable batteries and get the goodman handle. I plan on using this baby when I take my cavern/intro to cave course this Spring. DRIS makes buying online a fantastic experience, thank you.

  90. review by Aaron Lee on 2/2/2013
    Overall Rating

    Overall a fanastic light. Build quality is above DRIS 3C model. Light output is noticeably more than DRIS1000 3C in a sense that it effectively luminates more area, but not necessary penetrate further. That is because beam angle seems wider.

    In term of usage, it is a much better light than the 3C model on soft goodman hangle due to how short it is. But it is NOT better for hogarthian style backup because it is too thick. I think an ultimate handheld light would be 2C version of this light.

    And as for DRIS, fanastic as usual. They are definitely the best people to deal with.

  91. review by James J Melloy Jr on 2/1/2013
    Overall Rating

    Great light, bright, well made, single bulb. A little heavy. My only problem is that it does not stay in the glove very well. It keeps sliding out the front of the glove. I've been told a little hot glue on the inside of the light holder might solve this problem. The glove does seem a little light weight for the size and weight of the light. Great product.

  92. review by STUART LAIDMAN on 1/29/2013
    Overall Rating

    wow what a light, super bright, heavy metal case and well made, beats out my 400.00 uk light, dris did a great job as always , thanks ,stuart

  93. review by Scott Morneau on 1/27/2013
    Overall Rating

    Very nice light. Compact and very bright. This will be my go to light for travel due do the size.

  94. review by Hordur Heidarsson on 1/27/2013
    Overall Rating

    I purchased the DRIS 1k shorty after having owned the DRIS 1000 for few months. The plan was to use the shorty as my backup light to the DRIS 1000, but now I'm not sure which one will be my backup and which will be my primary, because the shorty is just as good.

    Both of them have very similar light output (spread and power) and the burn time given is not too different, 4 hours for the shorty while 5 for the other. So it really just comes down to the size. The 1K Shorty is a bit thicker than the 1000, but considerably shorter. The 1000 is easier to manipulate while diving because the 1K shorty is almost too small when wearing gloves. I haven't tried the shorty in the goodman glove, but I have a feeling that will be where the 1k Shorty outshines the 1000.

    Dive Right In Scuba provided excellent service for my order as always and I even got a handsome discount since I had bought the DRIS 1000 previously!

  95. review by Jeff Pack on 1/23/2013
    Overall Rating

    For the price, I really didnt have high expectations. I have a light for me backup tec XML thats my standard I compare all other backups to. But its also 2x the price,with a nice hot white 6d beam.

    While I havent dove the shorty yet, I did test it up on my eggshell white big test wall.

    The shorty had a more noticeable hot spot over my XML @30ft. My XML is a whiter beam, with a fairly tight 6d beam. The shorty has more spill, but a brighter hot spot. I look forward to diving it next week. I think this light has alot of potential, especially at the cost. I'm not so enamored with the glove sock, but I've got a goodman handle coming for it to try out. DRIS has always been a great p[lace to do business with,and is one of my few "go to" places to get my dive gear.

  96. review by MITCH HERMAN on 1/22/2013
    Overall Rating

    1K shorty is a winner.
    I have been searching for a small hand mountable battery powered light bright enough to work as a primary for up to 90 minutes for the type of diving I do and this is the first one I’m excited about for under $500 bucks. This one is great, lots of output, tight center spot that cuts through the particulate for a good usable range. I’ve got 8 dives with it so far, deepest 144fsw, all saltwater, some rough and tumble with a bit of knocking around but no worries so far, still looks like new. I think it’s as good as many of the low/mid output canister lights and to sacrifices the long burn time I don’t need for not having a canister or cable in the way suits me fine. On fresh alkaline batteries I get an hour of good output and another hour of not shabby before the bragging rights fall away. With rechargeable batteries is more like 45min and another 45min and I’m sure it will do its slow death spiral for much longer and still be “usable” long after I’ve run out of breathing gas. I never need more than 90 min for a single dive and can get away with two dives on one set of batteries most days. I’m going with rechargeable as I don’t mind changing batteries out between dives and like the cheap/convenient factor, but keep some alkaline batteries handy for the just in case. I’ve got it in an Oxycheq glove, but had to use a bit of padding so it holds it tight and it doesn’t rotate when I turn it on and off- Yea, the light was too small! Construction is robust and gives confidence it can take a hit, fine thread on the bezel lets you know it will not easily be backed off the O-rings underwater and flood it. I’m thinking of getting a second and mounting both side by side in my glove for the easiest to use backup ever, and double output if I ever need it. This is the only product for under $500 that I have found with the output, beam and construction to be my “wireless” primary light, even on deep deco dives.

    First purchase from DRIS smooth as one would hope.

    Mitch Ft. Lauderdale

  97. review by jovan shepherd on 1/21/2013
    Overall Rating

    Got this to replace my current 800 lumen primary. This thing is defnitly brighter and has more useable spill compared to my current light. This light is also pretty beefy. It feels like it can take a pounding, and has some weight to it. The size is nice, its not too big so I'll have no problems using this as a backup light when I eventually get a canister light. I just wish there was a metal goodman handle I could use with this thing!!

  98. review by Ron Levinson on 1/21/2013
    Overall Rating

    After searching far and wide on the web, I found positive reviews for this light posted in a couple of divers forums.
    Turns out DRIS is right in my own back yard, so to speak, but not the closest to home, so I've never made the trip to their shop.
    That may now change!
    Quick Shipping, great price.
    The DRIS 1K Shorty looks really well constructed and durable.
    Incredable output for such a small package.
    Powerful enough for a primary, but small and light enough for a back - up or focus light. (has about a 1' hotspot though - rigging a diffuser might be a good idea if you're using this while shooting pics.)
    If this holds up as expected, it & one of it's brothers will be living on my BC permanently.

    Thanks Debbie!

  99. review by Gilles Rousset on 1/19/2013
    Overall Rating

    Nice little light with amazing output. I have both 500 &1000 lumens from DRIS , but this one has just the perfect size with the goodman handle. Downside, maybe the 1 hour burn time. As always, excelent service and price from DRIS.

  100. review by Michael Butcher on 1/17/2013
    Overall Rating

    This light is amazing. In Cozumel, I forgot my main light in the hotel room, but I used the Shorty. It was almost a bright, but the beam is more focused. This could be used as a main light anytime.

    DRI has been great with everything I have ordered. Hoping to get to IL for diving this summer with DRI.

    Mike B

  101. review by David Mckindley on 1/17/2013
    Overall Rating

    I first purchased the 1000 lumen 3C light and was very pleased when Mike provided a free handle for the shorty since this new light came out just after i purchased the 3C light. When i compare both lights they are almost identical with respect to amount of light. Comparing the 2 at about 30 feet the center light is about the same with about a 2 foot diameter. The 3C has a slightly hotter center. Both have a narrow beam. Can't wait to try them at depth. I can't say enough positive feedback about DRIS. I will always buy my gear from them. Too many disappointments and lies from other online dealers.

  102. review by Richard Grove on 1/16/2013
    Overall Rating

    WOW! This light is great. It is compact and powerful. It lights up the night. As a firefighter i have tried many lights and been disappointed by the promised performance and lack of output. This one cuts through smoke and steam to light up the area. I also is a great dive light. The Goodman strap holds it tight and right. I like the idea it uses AA batteries rather than some expensive, exotic battery.

    Mike, you have done it again, the wife just grabbed it for the glove box in the car. Now I will have to get yet another one. One for the dive bag, one for the fire station and one for the car. Thanks for the break on the light, I need one. Your service and shipping was spot on. Shipped the next day and arrived in good order.


  103. review by paul clark on 1/12/2013
    Overall Rating

    This is a very nice "little" light. It feels very good in your hand and puts out a very nice beam with a great hot spot and nice spill. DRIS oredering staff was very helpful. The shipping box was very adequate however the lights packaging was minimal and came with no instructions...I like instructions and warranty information etc. I also bought the handmount that I am happy with.

  104. review by GUY PAGE on 1/11/2013
    Overall Rating

    Got this after being very happy with two of the 3 c cell 1000 lumen lights. Same great quality finish and machining, seems just as bright (I know 3 AA's won't last as long as 3 C's). Fits perfectly in the goodman glove (buy them together, I did!). Ordering and shipping with DRIS was fast and easy as usual. I'll probably buy at least one more soon!

  105. review by Guil Barros on 1/8/2013
    Overall Rating

    I really like this light. I have one of the D-size 1000lumen DRIS lights and the build quality is the same, excellent. AA batteries of course do not last as long as the D's but I find that this one being smaller I actually take it with me every time, it just sits in a pocket until I need it.

    I just spent 2 weeks in Truk and this was my go-to light. Batteries lasted the entire trip, and we were inside more than outside while under water :) It has a few scratches from where it might have bumped a wreck or two but otherwise I'm very impressed. The light output put a couple divers' can lights to shame on this trip, they were all asking where to get one.

    As with the D-size, 3 o-rings keep it nice and dry. I have no concerns about flooding this one.

  106. review by Brian Colclazier on 1/5/2013
    Overall Rating

    I just received The 1K Shorty and I'm very impressed with the build quality and overall heft of the light. It is bright as expected. Highly recommended.

  107. review by Steve Miller on 1/3/2013
    Overall Rating

    Have 4 of the long 1,000 lumen lights, and ordered two of these when they came out. Very, very happy with my purchase! Another winner from DRIS.

  108. review by Bob Dankert on 1/3/2013
    Overall Rating

    First I'll talk about the light. This light is incredibly bright - it seems slightly brighter than the 3C DRIS 1k light, but that could just be my perception. It is definitely brighter than the 3C 500 lumen light that they first came out with - although that is still a great light too! The light does a great job penetrating through dark/muddy water. The battery life is what you would expect it to be, given it is powered by 3AA batteries. Even though you have to change the batteries, I prefer this over the 3C batteries. I find that I always have AA batteries around the house as opposed to never having C batteries. AA's are also much cheaper, and frankly I don't mind replacing them. I have been using standard AA alkaline batteries as I find that rechargeable just don't have enough power and aren't worth the reduced run times.

    The build quality of the light is superb. I prefer the new design at the bottom/base of the light with the additional spots to attach a clip. I love that the head of the light has 3 o-rings to keep the head sealed to the body. The solid aluminum body is very robust and I don't have any fears that this will leak. The head uses a nice glass lens at the top, not a cheap plastic piece. I haven't tried on this light, but I'm pretty sure the glass can be removed by unscrewing the top (this was possible on the 3C 1k/500 light also).

    The sock/handle for the light is very well made, and a great value for the price. The only complaint I have is that the light will rotate a bit in the sock when turning it on and off before the strap "catches" it and the light turns on/off. While doing this the light tends to twist the sock a bit and cause it to get pushed back the sock. None the less, for a purely neoprene soft handle without any mechanical items, this does a great job and is a good bargain - definitely worth adding to the order!

    Working with DRIS was fantastic as always. This is their third light that they have hit a home run with! The two different designs both serve different purposes. Personally, I am using the shorty as my "primary" light and the 3C 1k as my backup light, clipped onto my harness. Even though it goes through a number of batteries, the price of the light, the soft handle, and a lot of batteries is still WAY cheaper than a can light and the performance is very similar to a number of can lights. It doesn't get the same amount of run time as a can light, but I'm not doing that long of dives and I can change the batteries between dives.

  109. review by Pat Lynch on 1/2/2013
    Overall Rating

    When I received this light I was really excited by the power output on land and couldn't wait to dive with it. It is nice and short and the battery holder fits nicely into the unit.

    I use another brand of light with a battery pack attached to my tank strap so am used to lights with up to 1800 lumens of output.

    Our dives in the cold waters of the Pacific Northwest are usually in the 60-80 minute range and to get 2 dives out of one full charge is tough on any high output light.

    So I was a bit skeptical of the reports on battery life for this unit and rightfully so.

    I put it on my right hand and dove it side by side with my normal light on my left hand.

    The beam is a bit tighter than I am used to but still nice and bright to get into the back of a Giant Pacific Octopus den.

    After about 60 minutes I compared the beams again and noticed a bit of drop off in power.

    During the second dive the power was very low and by the end of the dive was almost useless in the dark Hood Canal waters.

    This was with some eneloop low discharge 1900mAh rechargeables.

    For me this would only work for my primary if I changed the batteries on every dive, however I have a nice primary already.

    My main reason to purchase this was as a powerful back up light, and for that this is an excellent product.

    It is now clipped on a retractor off a D ring on my BCD and is small and out of the way.

    As my backup light I give this a 10.
    As a primary I would rate it an 8 due to having to change batteries every dive.

  110. review by Richard Pontosky on 12/30/2012
    Overall Rating

    Awesome light, small & compact, bright as hell! Only downfall occurs when the light is in the goodman glove, it is difficult to turn on. It is always a pleasure buying from Dive Right In Scuba, any time you call with a question you can talk to someone who speaks English. Price can't be beat. Shipping to my porch in PA within 3 days.

  111. review by George Cullen on 12/29/2012
    Overall Rating

    Awesome light! great backup light, very tight and narrow beam great for getting though silt and sand. No one on the boat could believe how bright it was in general let alone how small. It's a little slick in gloves but thats the only thing. Great service from DRIS

  112. review by Tedd Brandon on 12/28/2012
    Overall Rating

    Bought the DRIS Shorty Dive Light as a gift for one of my sons. After receiving, decided to keep for myself. Light is very compact with, with what I would consider long battery life for the output of light that it provides. The glove is an added bonus that allows you to have the light securely on you without having to worry about loosing it. Light has a nice large ring for attaching to anything or to anywhere.

    Always have a great experience with DRIS and hope that they never run out of ideas for us divers.

  113. review by James Goodwin on 12/27/2012
    Overall Rating

    Perfect size, very bright, fits the sock very well.
    Fits into my dry suit pocket / my helmet for primary or back up light.
    Ordered Dec. 24th arrived Dec. 27th!

  114. review by Beth Appelt on 12/27/2012
    Overall Rating

    I am very excited to use this on my next night dive. The hands free ability and the brightness of the light for the price is beyond comparison. The quality of this light is very good with extra attention to detail around the seals and the way the batteries load. The service from DRIS was fantastic and item even showed up earlier than expected.

  115. review by Herbert McClenahan on 12/22/2012
    Overall Rating

    Great light cannon perfect for the dark green waters. The size is nice and fits the sock very nicely. It may be a little hot fo rhte blue clear water but for the dark when you need your buddies attention it is perfect. Great run time on 3 aa batteries and I had no problem running reachargables.

  116. review by Griffon WalkerGriffonW on 12/21/2012
    Overall Rating

    Pretty good but the twist on/off when in the glove is a pain. A ring or switch not needing counter pressure would work better. Also variable output would sure be nice. That said, solid beam width, laser bright hot center, what's not to love :).

  117. review by david steele on 12/20/2012
    Overall Rating

    just got this new light yesterday and it is awesome, I previously had the long version and this one is a great addition coupled with the glove makes it handsfree

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