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1000 Lumen Dive Light

1000 Lumen Dive Light

Eligible for Free Shipping
Eligible for Free Shipping
1000 Lumen Dive Light
1000 Lumen Dive Light 1000 Lumen Dive Light Add a Bolt Snap to clip your light onto your D-Ring below Checkout the new DRIS 1000 Lumen Goodman handle

1000 Lumen Dive Light

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Product Reviews

  1. Excellent Dive Light review by Brandon on 5/12/2020
    Overall Rating

    These are extremely well made lights! I was shocked when I received them at how ...

  2. Great light review by Chris on 2/27/2020
    Overall Rating

    Great light, high quality metal, no leaks, twist on/off and runs on alkaline bat...

  3. My goto backup light for 7 years review by Christopher Painter on 6/5/2019
    Overall Rating

    I dive a Light monkey 35w VF as my primary and two of these DRIS 1000s as backu...

  4. Looks like a good light, have not had it wet yet... review by Chris on 5/23/2019
    Overall Rating

    Light is well constructed, but a bit heavy vs. polymer competition (with batteri...

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About 1000 Lumen Dive Light - by DRIS Dive Gear SKU: 1000lumenINS



Face it, you need a tough and bright dive light...and plastic just won't do. So, reach for the 1000 Lumen Dive Light! Built on the same powerhouse platform as our popular 500 Lumen Dive Light(8" long with a 1.5" diameter head), this thing boasts an upgraded driver to pump out a beam for up to 5 hours that will cut through even the murkiest of waters! 

Featuring a 5mm glass lens, XML T6 aluminum body, a double O-ring twist on/off activation, and the ability to be used above the surface...go ahead, put it through its paces on the toughest of dives. It will surely be up for the job. 


Twist on/off switch
Super big laynyar hole for bolt snap mount
Alloy aluminum reflector
Burn time: 7 hours
Beam angle: 11 degrees. 
Distance: 320m
Drop Resistant:1.5m
Waterproof: 150m



Head diameter: 46mm

Body diameter: 34mm

Tail diameter: 35mm

Length: 210mm

Weight: 285 g


The 1000 Lumen Dive Light comes complete with 3-C Cell batteries, lanyard, and O-rings. 
California residents please click here for Proposition 65 WARNING

Proposition 65

Safe Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986 – Warnings Required

WARNING: This Dive Right In Scuba product can expose you to cretin chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

We appreciate your decision to purchase Dive Right In Scuba products to provide the best in water experience. We take our job seriously! You may have noticed that our products now show a warning label at point of sale referring to carcinogens and birth defects. You may also have begun to see warnings related to carcinogenic substances or substances causing birth defects prominently displayed in hotel lobbies, hospitals, or other places of business recently. These warnings are required by the State of California, and we believe that an explanation of the California statute legislating the requirement will provide you valuable information regarding the relative risks of the chemicals that may be present in consumer products.

In 1986, the State of California passed the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act; otherwise known as “Proposition 65” or "Prop 65". Prop 65 requires businesses like ours to disclose to individuals the presence of chemicals listed in the Act prior to point of sale. The regulations implementing this Act have been amended over time with the most recent updates will take effect on August 30, 2018. There are more than 900 chemicals on the Prop 65 Chemical List, including many chemicals that are found in components of a wide array of consumer goods or are used to manufacture components that make up consumer goods.

Prop 65 does not establish acceptable concentrations for any listed chemical; however, the agency which enforces it has established what is called "safe harbor" exposure levels for about one third of these chemicals below which warnings are not required. These "safe harbor" are established for listed carcinogens based on the quantity of the chemical that would result in one excess case of cancer in an exposed population of 100,000, assuming lifetime (70-year) exposure at the level in question. A similar process is used to establish safe harbor levels for listed reproductive toxicants. Additional information in plain language on safe harbor levels is available from the California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment at http://oehha.ca.gov/Prop65/background/p65plain.html

At Dive Right In Scuba, the safety of your in water experience is our highest priority. We go to great effort to select materials that offer superior value, quality, and durability while also being generally recognized as safe and reliable for the full life of the product. Dive Right In Scuba also works closely with many regulatory bodies, such as the US Coast Guard and Underwriter’s Laboratories, to ensure the longevity of your on-water safety through targeted selection of durable, long lasting materials and components that undergo significant validation testing before being used to manufacture end items. Sometimes the safety promise we offer appears at odds with the health and safety requirements of other legislation in certain parts of the world when some regulations are updated ahead of others. To ensure compliance with applicable legal requirements, Dive Right In Scuba has placed a warning on products that contain a Prop 65 listed chemical, either directly or as a part of the raw material supply chain. This allows us to comply with California law and provide our California consumers with the disclosure required by Prop 65, while still promising the safest on water experience possible.

Dive Right In Scuba is working diligently with regulatory bodies and our own manufacturing partners to continue to improve our product performance and reduce the presence of less desirable chemicals. Water is a precious resource we all share that is important to the health and well-being of our planet and all people. Our goal is to continue to enhance your water life experience while reducing our overall impact to the planet and, in particular, its waterways. While it is a bit of a juggling act to achieve, we are confident you will see continued improvement in both the immediate and long term future. We hope this explanation will enable you to understand why you will be seeing warnings on some our products.

Thank you for your continued use of Dive Right In Scuba products.

  1. Excellent Dive Light review by Brandon on 5/12/2020
    Overall Rating

    These are extremely well made lights! I was shocked when I received them at how nice they were for the money, definitely will be using these for backups or even primary on easy rec dives. You can’t go wrong with these in my opinion.

  2. Great light review by Chris on 2/27/2020
    Overall Rating

    Great light, high quality metal, no leaks, twist on/off and runs on alkaline batteries. Great backup light but could also serve as a primary

  3. My goto backup light for 7 years review by Christopher Painter on 6/5/2019
    Overall Rating

    I dive a Light monkey 35w VF as my primary and two of these DRIS 1000s as backups. I love the simple heavy duty reliable design of these with the 3C battery configuration that I only need to check a couple times a year. They are also crazy bright. My first light lasted 7 years until my kids took it on a camping trip and abused it. I didn't even need to shop around to see what other options are out there. I just ordered another one of these and 3 days later it was in my mailbox.

    This is a true signature item. If you need it as a primary check out some of the variants that included rechargeable batteries and soft goodman gloves/handles.

  4. Looks like a good light, have not had it wet yet... review by Chris on 5/23/2019
    Overall Rating

    Light is well constructed, but a bit heavy vs. polymer competition (with batteries and bolt snap I get about .5 kg or 1.1 lbs). The light head measures about 46.06mm (1.813 in) in diameter with the main body being about 32mm (1.26 in). The twist action to turn the light on/off has a somewhat stiff but smooth action. The wide centered lanyard attachment point makes attaching your bolt snap simple. I think that DRIS could do a little better on the price for these (That is the only reason for my reduction to a 4 star rating), but it does include a set of C batteries for the price. It is a bit wider than I would like but just about any C cell light will be and with my concerns about Lithium Ion batteries it may end up being the one I pair with a second...

  5. Great light. review by Murph on 3/22/2019
    Overall Rating

    I can’t believe how good this light is. I originally ordered it to use as a back up. But it was such a bright and solid light it became my primary.

  6. Likely the best for the price review by Vladimir on 3/26/2018
    Overall Rating

    Probably the best light for this price. It is bright and fairly concentrated. Love it

  7. Great Little Light review by Anthony on 9/20/2017
    Overall Rating

    Very bright. Worked great on deep Great Lakes dives. Cut through the muck very well. I bought 2 as backups, but could easily use as a primary if needed. I would highly suggest these, and for the price they cant be beat. Grab 1 or 2 for your gear bag.

  8. GREAT LIGHT FOR A LOW PRICE review by kevin on 9/19/2017
    Overall Rating


  9. Simply Great review by Jeremy on 8/27/2017
    Overall Rating

    I use this light as a backup to my Light Monkey light when I am diving in the caves, and as my primary light pretty much anywhere else. I simply love it. Funny story... I was doing Full Cave Cert, and did a primary light failure drill. I had two of these in my pocket. After my primary "failed", I switched to this, and the instructor thought I turned back on my Light Monkey primary. She took it, I pulled out another, then she took that, and handed me a crappy light to exit the cave with. I highly recommend this light.

  10. Really Good Light for the Money review by Jeff on 5/17/2017
    Overall Rating

    I left my Scuba Pro 720 on a dive a few weeks ago. This is nearly identical to that light except it is brighter and cheaper. I did lose 2 features over the SP 720. This doesn't seem to have the 50% power mode the SP 720 and it doesn't have the over preasure valve.

  11. Excellent affordable light review by Robin on 3/12/2017
    Overall Rating

    This light is super bright even in poor vis and the beam angle is perfect for shining under rocks and communicating with my buddy. I added the rechargeable battery pack which is very convenient as the charger comes with a car adapter so I can charge it on the drive to the dive site.

  12. Great light! review by Ryan on 2/4/2017
    Overall Rating

    This light is durable and very bright. Fits in my drysuit pocket and the twist on/off head is very secure. Did I mention bright!! Price for a light like this is unbeatable....fast and reliable service from DRIS and it's a no brainer. Would recommend to anyone looking for a quality light.

  13. great product! review by Nicole on 12/20/2016
    Overall Rating

    this light was recommended to me by my instructor. i was surprised with the way it was built. very sturdy and feels like it could endure many dives. also, the light was very bright and even cheaper than other lights with less lumens. i ordered this with a handle which fits perfectly with the light. good job DRIS!

  14. Amazing Light review by Gary on 8/26/2016
    Overall Rating

    You can now get rid of your huge green lantern because this light will replace it ASAP. After shopping around for canister lights i decided to go on this one from the reviews and it speaks the truth, hands down worth the money. there is no need to waste 500 bucks on a canister light because well lets face it, there are maybe 2% of us that actually need it. great product!

  15. Great light! review by michelle on 8/16/2016
    Overall Rating

    Used this in Lake Huron and it worked great. Also used in a quarry dive when the water was really murky from people kicking on the bottom, cut through the muck pretty good. I was worried it was going to be too long but I can fit it into my BC pocked and clip it to my D ring so I don't have to have it strapped to my wrist. My husband is already asking to take it out for hunting season. He may just have to buy his own light.

  16. 1000 lumen dive light review by Karinda on 7/13/2016
    Overall Rating

    One of the best and brightest dive lughts I have used so far. Perfect for the low viz quarries that I like to dive. It's durable and easy to use and it brightens up a larger area. If you're in a group, it is definitely a plus to have. I would and have definitely recommend this to my buddies.

  17. this light is a Tank! Bombproof! AND Bright!!! review by TY Cobb on 6/12/2016
    Overall Rating

    Built like a mag light, solid construction, ive had mine for years and the thing is like new! still easy to turn on and off! i hardly change the batteries as i mostly use it to look under ledges while fishing.

    been to the Florida keys and this was the brightest light on the whole boat!

    A Must Have!

    ive dropped it on the boat deck no worries with the solid construction! this light is my primary light. ive had mine over 100 dives no issues.

    If you need a rock solid light, easy to use, easy to replace batteries, bright as the sun, and nearly indistructable, Look no farther!

  18. Bright but BIG review by Daniel on 5/20/2016
    Overall Rating

    This light is bright and works well enough for my blue water night dives. However, it is BIG. Uses the common "twist to on/off" method so be careful not to loosen it too much. Would use this as a primary only, so that you can turn it on before the dive and off after you get out. A little large to be a backup. Also, for some reason, even if I left it "off" mine would turn on at a very dim level once I got to depth.

  19. Could not have expected better review by Sourmug on 4/13/2016
    Overall Rating

    This light is more than what we expected. A 1000 lumen light that is compact and easy to handle. Fits in BC pocket and the twist on is easy to use. We used this daily for over a week in Florida and It bounced multiple times on the boat deck. Will order another as soon as it is back in stock.

  20. Quality that you immediately notice review by win on 3/21/2016
    Overall Rating

    I just received this light, but I can already tell that it is higher quality that most lights in this price range. It has three o-rings to make sure that no water gets in and has a spare set of 3. You can feel the heft to this light as soon as you pick it up and it doesn't feel cheap at all like some lights are. I really like that it is C cell batteries instead of recharging batteries because I always forget to charge or my batteries end up not holding the rated charge. It is very bright and has a nice relatively tight beam. I may purchase the shorty in the future or another one of those if I like it as much as I think I will.

  21. Awesome! review by Chris on 3/7/2016
    Overall Rating

    I have a very nice LED canister light yet I always find I'm using this DRIS light. It's very solidly built, has a great burn time and so far has been very reliable. Oh it's super bright as well. I attached a SS snap to it with one of the DRIS bungee/clips and stow it in my drysuit pocket.

    I highly recommend this light for both below and above water.

  22. Great Light review by Richard on 1/27/2016
    Overall Rating

    There is not much to say on this one. I did a comparison to my can light Dive Rite LED LUX 4. This light is just a tad brighter than my can light and way more focused. I've debated buying a third light in place of my can light. This acts as a more focused beam whereas my can light feels like a flood light. I would buy this again but I would also consider getting the short. Decisions Decisions...

  23. Works, but bulky review by Erik on 12/12/2015
    Overall Rating

    In retrospect I wish I'd have gone with the shorty or something I can clip off/pocket easily. It's a long, heavy flashlight. The light is reasonably good for what it promises -- there are better but much more expensive solutions.

  24. WOW! This light is bright! review by Matthew on 11/11/2015
    Overall Rating

    When this first arrived, I turned it on and I was amazed by how bright it was. This light allows me to see very clearly even in very dark conditions. I will totally recommend this light to my buddies.

  25. Great Light and Excellent Customer Service. review by oldpeanut on 10/15/2015
    Overall Rating

    I have compared DRIS 1000 Lumen Dive Light with other lights and I found out it got probably one of the best cost/performance value in the 3-C battery light category. I especially like the feature of triple o-rings seal which makes it water resistant even I turn the light on and off underwater.

    Customer service from DRIS is always great.

  26. Solid no frills, wins review by Roninghost on 9/6/2015
    Overall Rating

    I have had this dive light and am getting 2 more they work perfectly as backups and as primary lights. While traveling using C batteries made it very simple and fast to change the batteries and though some mention deviation in burn times I had close to 5 hrs of great light while cave diving.

    I would recomend this as a solid not frills light that does that its made for.

    Safe diving


  27. Didn't last very long review by FM on 8/29/2015
    Overall Rating

    It failed within about six months of using it. Not sure why it didn't appear to leak just stop working. It's also kind of long not real comfortable, there are other lights that are just as bright for less money and better compact. I do not recommend .

  28. A great light at fantastic price! review by Wolfey on 8/25/2015
    Overall Rating

    I bought one of these lights to try as a back up to replace the 3 C cell Intovas I had that both leaked. I compared it to my LED1000 lumen can light at 130 feet in Lake Erie and I could not see much difference in the beams. I was so impressed I bought a second one. I have had them both to 250 plus on the Gunilda with no failures. These lights will be my back on my next cave trip. Not only did they come with batteries but they were name brand batteries, not imported no name junk. If you are looking for a great primary light for recreational diving or a good back up for cave/technical diving you can't go wrong with one of these.

  29. Nice Light. review by Pat on 8/17/2015
    Overall Rating

    Got this for a trip to the Sea of Cortez. I liked the goodman handle and how bright it was but got more like 3 hrs of burn time not the 5 I was told. Still a very good light.
    Just make sure to sand down the edge of the plastic goodman handle. It scrapped my bare skin raw when trying it on.

    All in all, 5 stars still.

  30. Awesome light review by Karl on 7/29/2015
    Overall Rating

    This light is amazing. Super bright I tested it as soon as I got it. I will try to update this review as soon as I am able to take it diving. Great light for the price.

  31. Great as a Primary or Backup review by Pac on 7/11/2015
    Overall Rating

    This light is well constructed and puts out plenty of light. Haven't had the time to test the burn time yet. I will order another in the future as an additional backup.

  32. Awesome Light ! review by Nancy on 6/15/2015
    Overall Rating

    I've had this light for two years now and it's been great. It's never flooded, always lights and it's always really bright. Best light on the market in this price range and better than some higher priced lights as well. I'm buying more 1 as a backup for myself and 1 for my new dive buddy. I highly recommend this light !

  33. Awesome light and Great price review by Edmund on 6/4/2015
    Overall Rating

    The brightness of this light is incredible. Almost rivals my canister light. There is nothing that I can say about this light, except that I should have brought a second one when I ordered the first one.

  34. Best light for the size and cost review by Rob on 4/12/2015
    Overall Rating

    I bought this light last summer. It has worked flawlessly so far. I change the batteries every 3 to 4 dives and have never ran the batteries down. I designed and 3D-printed a clip that straps to the side of my wrist. So during a dive I don’t need to hold it and have full use of my hand (it was too large for the back of my hand). This light has a narrow 11 deg beam, so the 1000 lumens is very effective night or day. It was also great during day dives in Jamaica for looking in and under coral to see what was hiding there.
    ...just about to buy 2 more for dive buddies.

  35. Best in class review by Roninghost on 4/5/2015
    Overall Rating

    I purchased this as my tertiary light and it has now become my primary, good light and battery duration, simple to clean and maintain. Would definitely recommend getting a bolt-snap to attach it to your wing or bcd.

  36. Unbelievable Value and Performance review by Gregory S on 3/17/2015
    Overall Rating

    I have 30 dives with this light and I am absolutely impressed. I have not had to change batteries yet. I dive in the Pacific NW where visibility can be quite limited and all dives (whether day or night) are accompanied by a dive light. This bad boy gets the job done and the price is unbeatable. Don't hesitate to buy one.

  37. Great Light review by Zach on 2/14/2015
    Overall Rating

    I own two of these and have bought more as gifts. By far one of the brightest lights on night dives that Ive ever seen.

  38. I had hope review by chris on 2/13/2015
    Overall Rating

    Got this light for Xmas of 2013 and it looked good from the start. I used it on about 6 dives when it started to cut in and out on me. I lost confidence with it's reliability because no matter what I tried I just couldn't keep it from failing at the wrong time. Now it won't power up at all and has become a nice paper weight.

  39. Does the job! review by Debbie on 1/27/2015
    Overall Rating

    I dive in cold green saltwater and freshwater...where 15 feet of viz is the norm. This light does the job for me, compact, nice tight beam and fits nicely into my drysuit leg pocket as a backup. My primary is the 1000 shorty as they came out with the shorty after I bought this one. Love them both!

  40. Excelent Dive Light review by Sasko on 1/21/2015
    Overall Rating

    This light is excelent, the price is perfect and the build quality amazing. I will defenetly recommend it.

  41. Unfulfilled expectations review by Mike on 12/19/2014
    Overall Rating

    I would love to write a review but they sent my order to the wrong address and I am having to resolve the issue with no help from DRIS so maybe if it ever shows up I can review this item.

  42. wonderful light review by Matt on 12/9/2014
    Overall Rating

    I bought one of these refurbished by DRIS and it worked wonderfully, it was powerful and had a great beam, makes an excellent backup light. However the lanyard attached to mine broke rather quickly and I lost the light within the first few dives of owning it though i'll probably pick another one up in the future.

  43. Awesome light review by rob on 11/23/2014
    Overall Rating

    This is my second one - I lost the first climbing aboard a boat. It was zip-tied and bolt-snapped to my BCD; new one is now SS binered and triple-wrapped and stitched corded to BCD. These work great - small enough to be stowed, but powerful in the dark. At 3 meters, it has about a 1/4 meter bright circle, and then a 1 meter still bright secondary illumination area (which is still brighter than many buddies' lights).
    Aluminum casing means it survives normal uses - I just needed to improved my retention system.

  44. Awesome light! review by Dan on 11/18/2014
    Overall Rating

    I bought this light when my primary 10w HID's bulb burned out. This light is brighter than my HID! Quality is high, and I'd recommend it as a backup light or even a primary light.

  45. Bright Light, good price review by James on 11/18/2014
    Overall Rating

    I'm a new diver and this light came recommended from a more experienced diver. I like it for the price, size and functionality.

  46. Sturdy & reliable review by alekzzz on 11/8/2014
    Overall Rating

    We have two of these and use them as primary dive lights. They're slightly on the large side but very sturdy. Battery usage is excellent and we can usually get 3 night dives from one set of rechargeable batteries before the light dims too noticably. Highly recommended for anybody looking for a well priced good quality dive light.

  47. Reliable review by Rory on 10/20/2014
    Overall Rating

    I purchased 2 of these this summer and after ~120 dives with them I'm now comfortable enough to write a review.

    They're nearly as bright as my 25w primary light, have a narrow enough beam to signal, provide at least 4-5 hrs of burn time, have an excellent attachment point to tie a small boltsnap, and best of all they seem to be very reliable - it takes a lot of turning to get past both o-rings so it's unlikely these are flooding by accident.

  48. Amazing Value review by Erica on 9/25/2014
    Overall Rating

    I thought this light was too good to be true for the price, it's not. This light is great! It out performs the primary light that I was using for years. For a primary or a back up light, you can't go wrong with this one.

  49. Great back up light review by Sean on 8/20/2014
    Overall Rating

    Fits well on a BP harness and is bright enough to substitute for the can light if it goes out. Sometimes I loan it out as a primary light to buddies.

  50. Most amazing backup light ever. review by justino on 6/19/2014
    Overall Rating


  51. Extremely bright review by Josh on 6/13/2014
    Overall Rating

    Above water, this light could fill our entire living room. I was shocked when I first turned it on. Underwater it has a nice beam for signaling and plenty of light for whatever else you may need.

  52. High Value Performer review by Steve on 6/8/2014
    Overall Rating

    Finding the perfect high-powered light for dark New England diving can be difficult due to wide beam angels, but the DRIS 1000 lumen light nailed it.

    The 8 degree beam angle is perfect for cutting through particulate matter floating through the water to aim a nice hot spot wherever it is needed (often under rocks looking for lobsters). I'm into my second season using it and it is still going strong with just a few war marks from dropping it.

    This light has 3 o-rings for added flood protection and should easily withstand normal deeper dives with ease. If you take care when replacing batteries to clean off sand and other debris from the o-rings (and lube, if necessary) you will own it for a lifetime without problems.

    The one negative is that the lanyard that comes with the light is totally inadequate - frankly, useless. The landyard itself works well with the spring-tension tightener, but the gate style metal clip on the end is extremely flimsy and resulted in losing my light during my short dive. Luckily, we found it and it has performed flawlessly ever since replacing it with something better. This is a non-issue for me because I prefer to just assume free clips and lanyards are not durable enough for continued salt-water diving.

    My father dove with it to try it out and was instantly sold on these. Extremely durable and rugged body makes no issue with rough, rocky shore entries or fishing lobsters from deep holes. It would not be a winner for warmer waters where visibility is very as as it would likely wash out whatever subject matter you were viewing. A wider angle 40 degrees and up would work much better for that purpose.

    Thanks DRIS!

  53. Great spotlight! review by Tim on 5/23/2014
    Overall Rating

    Borrowed a friends light during a recent dive, now buying one of my own. Very bright light had no problem cutting through cloudy water. Really easy to use!

  54. solid torch review by Joseph on 5/11/2014
    Overall Rating

    metal case makes it a solid piece, good weight in the hand, slender, just fits in a large pocket, does need two hands to turn off/on. bright focused.

  55. nice backup light! review by di on 4/29/2014
    Overall Rating

    good quality, easy to use, and really bright!

  56. Best little light of mine review by Wendy on 4/10/2014
    Overall Rating

    Initially I bought this as a backup light for recreational and technical diving, however it is bright enough to suffice as a primary for cave diving. I used it in the caves of Mexico and it was fantastic. I love the fact that it is compact, very bright, and uses commonly found batteries. It seems robust and comes now with both a soft handle and a hard handle. I tell everyone I know about this light.

  57. Good light! review by hoche on 4/8/2014
    Overall Rating

    Used 4 times after I got this light. Bright, well made and easy to use. The only downside is the light is a little long.

  58. Impressed review by Shane on 4/7/2014
    Overall Rating

    I recently got the opportunity to use the 1000 lumen dive light by DRIS while I was scuba diving with a few friends. Until then, I would have never considered buying a dive light because, put simply, they cost too much for the amount of use I would get out of one. To my surprise, this light was as good - if not better - than all the other lights I used during this trip (and at a fraction of the cost). I've already ordered one and I am eagerly waiting it's arrival.

    Diving condions: ~15meters, low vis.

  59. Great light review by Jeff on 3/6/2014
    Overall Rating

    This is the best light I have owned. It has the brightness and intensity to cut through low viz. I use it primarily for lake diving and it's served me well on a couple hundred dives.

  60. Super bright review by Christopher on 2/4/2014
    Overall Rating

    The Dris 1000 provides an extremely bright white light with plenty of punch. It has a nice hot spot and an incredibly amount of spill. I have not tried it in water yet but it is much brighter then any other dive light I own.

    Shipping was fast and came with batteries included. DRIS was awesome as usual.

  61. Dive Light review by Alex Kukkonen on 1/13/2014
    Overall Rating

    After further use of this light on a wreck dive at 30m I can defiantly say it is one of the best lights I have ever used. It is very bright and very sturdy.. The only complaint is the small clip for it which I removed and replaced with another larger more sturdy clip.. I am using the clip it came with for another item that is smaller/lighter.... I purchased two of these and do not regret it one bit.

  62. Good quality review by JUNNAN on 1/10/2014
    Overall Rating

    although it's a bigger light than most of rec light,but the all AL body and strong light beam makes this one undoubtful good rec light in all environment。

  63. GOAT light review by Ben on 1/9/2014
    Overall Rating

    I bought the light with the elastic goodman handle for use as a primary until I could afford a proper can light. I'm very pleased with this light. It's well built, easy to direct with the goodman handle, and great (simple and unobtrusive) for leading night dives.

    Only complaint is the lack of setup directions with the handle. Very pleased, 10/10 light.

  64. Most amazing backup light ever.... review by Bobby on 12/8/2013
    Overall Rating

    This thing revolutionizes how I view my backup light. It is brighter than my dive buddy's hollis 16w primary can light and darn near as bright as my 21w HID can light. The beam is a very nice tight and bright spot which is perfect for signalling and has a decent amount of spill which illuminates dark areas well should a primary fail. For people that aren't running a can light and looking for a primary, this light in a handheld sock would be amazing.

  65. review by Geoffrey Rand on 11/3/2013
    Overall Rating

    Wow! That's all I can say.

    I got this light after my buddy showed me his. We had just jumped in on a night dive off a liveaboard. His light was off and I was about 20 feet below him. Suddenly, I was hit by an intense spotlight. I turned and looked upward, thinking the boat had just turned on its lights to signal us to come back. I could tell the light was coming from a source other than the boat, but was unable to see where or what it was from. I hovered for a few seconds as the light came closer. Only then was I able to make out that my buddy had turned on this light.

    My 220 lumen light was no match for this light and I could have easily turned mine off and put it away and just used his for more than adequate illumination for the both of us.

    It has a nice, concentrated beam and is built solidly. You won't be disappointed.

  66. review by Rod Reid on 10/28/2013
    Overall Rating

    I needed this light for a Friday night dive, with limited time for shipping. Debbie called me the same night I ordered, to discuss shipping options and reassured me that it would make it in time for my event. It was shipped with standard shipping at her advice (saving me money) with no need for special shipping charges. I had to work Friday and when I got done early I pulled into the drive and the shipping truck pulled in right behind me. Perfect. The light performed just like I had heard it would, and I had a great dive. Quality product, quality staff, hassle free shopping...I just bought a new set of regs tonight and wouldn't think of ordering anywhere else.

  67. review by Craig France on 10/27/2013
    Overall Rating

    This thing is a beast!! It's built like a tank and looks good to boot! it's rediculously bright, so don't shine it in your eyes or your Dive Buddy's. If so, you'll have to lead the offended party on a blind dive!

    all the previously posted praise of this light is true and I can only echo what has already been expressed. However, one thing I can comment specifically is on the customer service offered by Debra, Rich and the whole DRIS Crew. Here's how the drama unfolds:

    Found out about the totally awesome DRIS 1000 Lumen light 2 weeks before a dive trip. Order one. e-mail out of stock. Crap. said they'd let me know ASAP about it since I had a pending trip. e-mailed the next day to say it was being shipped. Had it with a week to spare. The light IS totally awesome ( Buy one, You'll see..) But so is the customer service and follow through with Dive Right In Scuba!! Thanks!

  68. review by John Burelbach on 10/20/2013
    Overall Rating

    It can be hard to write a review when blind, which nearly happened when my child pointed this light at me! This light is very powerful and will be my primary dive light from now on. It is very solidly built as well. It is remarkable that this light is available for only $90.

    Dive Rite in Scuba shipped very fast. Don't waste your time looking elsewhere.

  69. review by Dmitry Verniba on 10/7/2013
    Overall Rating

    Great light, and the price is even better. It is extremely bright. I tested it to 100' where it was completely dark. This light puts some canister lights to shame. I use it is a primary light attached on a bolt snap to my shoulder D-ring. I use a bungee cord to secure its head to the shoulder strap at the bottom, so that it doesn't dangle around, but fits nicely under my arm pit. When I need it, I just pull the head out of the bungee, but leave its butt attached to my shoulder D-ring. This system works very well, as I can let go off it and it just hangs down from my shoulder or I could stove it away by fitting its head back through the bungee cord.

    It is a fairly heavy light. You need to watch your weighting. I take off 2lb when I bring it along on a dive. This light is not the best choice for travel.

    It is a very solid built light. I banged it around quite a bit, only few scratches. It is made to last.

    The only thing I wish that the beam was slightly wider and the light was a bit smaller. Other than that, it's an excellent choice for the price. Thanks DRIS for a great product and a great service.

  70. review by gary claudio on 8/19/2013
    Overall Rating

    Great light. It gave off plenty of light when I was diving in the quarry.

  71. review by Janis Vanags on 8/13/2013
    Overall Rating

    I intended to use my Sola1200 as a primary light and bought the DRIS1000 as a backup. Now I often find myself using it as a primary as it gives a tighter beam and serves better in a more murky water. It is a very bright and strongly built piece of kit especially for the price. The only thing that I could mention as a drawback is that the bezel is rather smooth and not very easy to turn. In cold water with thick gloves it takes some effort to switch the light on or off. The process of buying it, however, was a pure pleasure - as always with Mike at DRIS.:)

  72. review by Eric Marsjanik on 8/7/2013
    Overall Rating

    This light ROCKS. My dive buddies definitely had some light envy after I pulled this bad boy out during a dive. Needless to say they are going to pick some up for themselves. I think this is the best deal for dive lights on the market. I would buy one again in a heartbeat.

  73. review by Bryan Rossiter on 7/27/2013
    Overall Rating

    I bought the 1000 lumen when they first came out and have been very happy with it. I bought it as a backup, but have been using it as a primary the last few dives. My can light is having issues at the moment. But this light used with a goodman handle that was sold by another person is a great combination.

  74. review by Benjamin Ennen on 7/27/2013
    Overall Rating

    Upon opening the package I noticed how well built the light is. This is not a cheap plastic light. Using it out of the water it is very bright but using it at night especially with camera's it is almost to bright. It is a very direct light without a super wide beam pattern. We used it on the manta night dive in Hawaii. The brightness of the light really helped to attract the plankton and we had a really good experience. We had to rent lights for the rest of our group for a later night dive and there batteries died within the 45 minute night dive, where as my light has been through 2 night dives and countless amount of time looking into crevices. I will be buying these or the short one for the rest of my family. My only complaint is the that the strap that comes with it is a little flimsy and it broke on one of our first dives. We have since used some paracord and kept on diving with the lights. I would buy again.

  75. review by Jose Russa on 7/16/2013
    Overall Rating

    Great light. Extremely bright relative to canister lights. For the price, the best dive light on the market as far as i can tell.

  76. review by Doug Daniels on 7/16/2013
    Overall Rating

    Great light! Can't believe the quality and output at this price. A number of us at the LDS have already purchased one (or more!). I've used it in low viz New England water and plan to take it to the Caribbean as well. DRIS is great to deal with, quick shipping, and love the points plan.

  77. review by Joel Woolf on 7/8/2013
    Overall Rating

    I had heard so many good things about this light on scuba board and have been thinking about getting a light for diving for a while now. It arrived quickly and it seems to be be very solid. I saw the 3 o rings when I put in the batteries that came with the light. I turned it on and man this thing is bright. I haven't had a chance to get it into the water yet. We are headed to Florida and the keys later this month and I am going to try it out there. The only thing I worry about is dropping it. I agree with some of the reviews on hear saying that maybe they should have gotten the shorty for a primary light because they can use rechargeables double A's instead of burning through a bunch of C batteries. I dunno though, I should post an update after I have used it for awhile. Over all I am so glad I bought this instead of the big cannon lights at the dive shop, it is a much better deal.

  78. review by jessica vasale on 7/6/2013
    Overall Rating

    Borrow this from a friend during a dive. It's better than any of the lights that I currently own!

  79. review by Nathan Chaffee on 7/2/2013
    Overall Rating

    This light is absolutely incredible - my dive buddies joke that they've no worries of losing me on a night dive since my position can be seen from space. Incredibly bright and even more incredible battery life - I spent a week in Mexico with this light and didn't change the batteries once. Absolutely thrilled with my purchase!

  80. review by Matthew Ziemba on 7/2/2013
    Overall Rating

    This light is bright and the right price. It is not a tiny light, but it straps onto my shoulder strap without any problem. The C batteries are a plus, as they are easy to come by. It has NO switches, and with that there are NO switches to fail. It is a simple twist on and off design.
    Orings are good quality and all I am very happy with how this light has performed.

  81. review by Geoffrey Netzley on 6/30/2013
    Overall Rating

    Excellent light for turbid water dives. It's combination of intensity with relatively narrow beam cuts through the silt. Very rugged and sturdy design. Dive Right In's price was good and delivery was quick.

  82. review by Dan Kelly on 6/29/2013
    Overall Rating

    Excellent light. I use two as my backup lights on my harness. Sure, my 21w HID outshines it, but not by as much of a margin as one might think. Great product and a great price.

  83. review by Niccole Nichols on 6/28/2013
    Overall Rating

    I bought the DRIS 1000 lumen dive light for my husband for our upcoming dive trip to Cozumel. It is easy to operate (twist the end a little), light weight and puts out a strong beam. It is even small enough to fit in my BC pocket, and I wear an xs BC. We haven't used it on a dive yet, but I'm impressed enough to buy another one for myself. And the price truly can't be beat- I couldn't find anything comparable to it under $200. My order shipped quickly too. I'm a happy customer.

  84. review by Zachary Gilchrist on 6/28/2013
    Overall Rating

    This is an exceptionally bright light and nothing really comes close to it for its price. The build equality is very good and it feels like it is made to last. I use rechargeable batteries with this light and they work great.

  85. review by jeff wegenka on 6/26/2013
    Overall Rating

    Purchased this light as a primary as I save up for a can. Wow, this thing is bright. Can't really attest to the battery life as I use a new set with each outing. (Lasts easily through multiple dives).

    Once again. DRIS delivers.

  86. review by Steve Mishoe on 6/15/2013
    Overall Rating


    This is one of the best products / lights I have ever owned. Made out of aircraft aluminum, triple o-ring, powerful 1000 lumens of light. Just used two of them mounted on a helmet in the Edisto River in SC & it proved its worth. Best of all it uses C-Cell batteries. No more expensive Nickel -Metal Hydride. No more $100 Welch Allen bulbs to replace. I now have about 5 friends that have bought them ane everyonebofvhem are thrilled with the product.


  87. review by Martin Purselley on 6/15/2013
    Overall Rating

    Outstanding value in dive lights! Purchased a couple for an upcoming night dive (our first) and was glad I did as the dive operator had "loaner" lights that looked like pen lights underwater. These lights are extremely bright with a nice wide pattern. Also, they use commonly available batteries. I carried one around topside for walks on the beach-it appears to be very durable. Get a retractor for it and clip it to your BC. If your BC doesn't have a strap to secure it, get a small bungy to hold it in place for pre-dive and after dive. This light is heavy but not so much that it was a problem. A great value in lights.

  88. review by MITCH HERMAN on 6/12/2013
    Overall Rating

    3C DRIS 1K (Long) vs. 1K Shorty
    There are plenty of reviews on this light and I don’t have anything to add, but since I also own a Shorty I thought I’d compare them for people trying to decide between the two. First off, both are excellent lights, good build quality and an excellent value. Performance wise it’s a toss-up depending upon if you care more about hand mounting/beam or run time. The Shorty wins on beam, having a little tighter and brighter of a hot spot with similar spill. Run time of course goes to the longer unit with four times as much. Unless you have specific needs on how to carry and use the light, both are winners.
    The Shorty works very well on the back of the hand which for me is its most important feature. It is easy to put in a pocket, but a bit too short to work well clipped off to a shoulder D-ring and bungeed in like technical divers do. If you hold the Shorty in your hand for your dive, it’s not as comfortable as the narrower Long light even though it weighs less. You will only get two dives per set of batteries and with noticeable dimming as you go past 60 minutes total dive time.
    The Long light works well clipped off to a shoulder D-ring and bungeed in like technical divers do, but doesn’t fit in some pockets. Its beam is a close second place to the Shorty and the run time is bright for about four hours and usable for at least one more. The long battery life, more than the size or mounting options is what drove me to pick it and not another Shorty as my backup light.
    For recreational diving I have one of each, using the Shorty with rechargeable batteries on the back of my hand as my primary and the Long with alkaline batteries as a backup. If the Shorty gets too dim near the end of my second dive I switch to the Long so I always have good light and almost never buy batteries.

  89. review by Isak Rydlund on 6/10/2013
    Overall Rating

    This thing makes my 10w Hid canlight obsolete. Puts out a very nice tight beam and it doubles as a billy club if I ever would find myself needing one underwater ;-)

  90. review by joel smith on 6/6/2013
    Overall Rating

    Very nice light , the only problem I have is the weight. This is a very heavy light compared to what I'm use to.

  91. review by TOM ZELANIN on 6/3/2013
    Overall Rating

    1000 Lumen Dive Light:

    Used on a some night dives in Gilboa Quarry, OH. Compact design. Tight beam. Very bright. This is a small enough light to use with a soft goodman-style glove. I have an hour of burn time on the batteries so far...
    As usual, DRIS ships quickly and kept me informed via email.

  92. review by Brian Tauscher on 5/30/2013
    Overall Rating

    Light is super bright. Great price. Blows the doors off of lights 2x the price.I will be ordering 1 more light soon.

  93. review by Paul Williams on 5/28/2013
    Overall Rating

    The twist on head turns smoothly. It produces a bright narrow white light that cuts through the murk of our local waters. It is my primary light. An outstanding bargain at $90.

  94. review by Christian Jones on 5/28/2013
    Overall Rating

    I couldn't pass up on the deal to get one of these guys after hearing many talk positively on Scuba Board about DRIS. At first I didn't even know what DRIS was until someone posted a link to this flashlight.

    I just happened to be in the market for a few flashlights and this one was right in my price range. I used this as a primary light at the Blue Heron Bridge during a night dive. The light pattern was a more consistent circular spread than my partner's lights (which tended to have a very bright center or more focused of a smaller circle).

    When I received it, I was impressed by the weight. This flashlight feels well built and is comfortable in the hand. I believe the shipping weight was 2 lbs, so adjust your weights.

    I only do recreational diving and this will serve as my primary light.

    My only complaint is that I ordered the brass clip add on and didn't receive it. I called the store and they were very friendly and said they would send me one. I still haven't received it, but that could be because of the holiday weekend.

  95. review by Miguel Miranda on 5/27/2013
    Overall Rating

    Well constructed dive light. Great product, awesome price and outstanding customer service,

  96. review by Mark Greenfield on 5/26/2013
    Overall Rating

    I picked this up in addition to the 1000w light. It is fairly disappointing, as it is just a piece of poorly milled schedule 80 PVC that doesn't hold the light firmly enough to avoid dislodging it with a small knock. The bolts that came with it were too short for my application(hard goodman handle). In all, I spent $5 and 15 minutes of work to make my own mount from 1.25" schedule 80 PVC and new machine screws. In my opinion, not worth the price- DO get the awesome light- DON'T get this overpriced mount!

  97. review by Harry Alexander on 5/19/2013
    Overall Rating

    The DRIS 1000 Lumen Dive Light is a very bright light. Not sure if it is actually 1000 lumens but it is very bright. A friend of mine had one and it looked good so I bought one. Used it on a cavern dive and it appeared as bright as my canister light. For the money it's seem like a good deal. I might even buy another and use them as lights for my video housing. Shipping was fast too!

  98. review by John Hanna on 5/18/2013
    Overall Rating

    Outstanding back up light. It appears to be well constructed and has performed flawlessly so far. I always have them on my harness as a back up or even when I don't carry my primary. When teaching OW my students love when I hand them a light that they can use to peek in holes and under ledges. In my opinion it is the best light for the price and as always service form DRIS was above all expectations.

  99. review by Sebastian Usquiano on 5/15/2013
    Overall Rating

    Super bright lights, I bought 2 of them to use as my back up light for cave training. construction and finish were well executed. will probably get another one to keep with my recreational set up. great as primary light for ocean night dives. small, more lumen than other lights of similar price

  100. review by Christopher Dengler on 5/6/2013
    Overall Rating

    This thing is awesome. A friend had one on a night dive when I was carrying my old primary, and at first I blew it off as a tiny little thing that couldn't be bright at all. Boy was I wrong, it blows my old princeton tec Wave light out of the water, and it is smaller/cheaper. Build quality is totally solid. I MIGHT be getting another to use as a backup to the first.

  101. review by Eduardo Lobaina on 5/3/2013
    Overall Rating

    I call these Lights the "LIGHT CANNONS" i haven't come across any other scuba light of equal size with the out put power this light has. Even some canister lights cant beat these lights. i was so pleased with my first light that i bought a 2nd one a few months later.

  102. review by Travis Young on 5/1/2013
    Overall Rating

    This is a great light. Very bright with a good beam. I like that it has 3 o- rings to secure a good deal. It is slightly heavier than I expected, but it s made stoutly to handle abuse. I ordered the extra clip too, and it came with a nice short lanyard as well... Excellent! Can't wait to try it in the Florida springs next week.

    DRIS shipped quickly... Thanks.

  103. review by William Fahrlander on 4/30/2013
    Overall Rating

    Great light! I was shocked at how bright it really is! It has a very solid feel to it, and appears to be well made. I don't need this bright a light to be able to see that there are a few more of these in my future!!

  104. review by Marc Kurtzeborn on 4/29/2013
    Overall Rating

    For the price this thing is incredible. Bought this as a backup but used it as a primary. VERY bright. Will be purchasing another one as a backup and getting rid of a larger primary I had been using.

  105. review by Steven Stauch on 4/25/2013
    Overall Rating

    Outstanding light! Very sturdy and extremely bright. I bought 2 and will be replacing my current back ups with these because the DRIS 1000 lumen is significantly brighter and a very clean white light. Highly sastisfied

  106. review by Brian Powell on 4/22/2013
    Overall Rating

    I borrowed this light from a friend as the batteries were dead in my 4D light. I went home and ordered this light for myself the next day. It is very durable and super bright. Ordering was easy and Dive Rite In Scuba kept me informed of my order status throughout the process. I highly recommend them and will order my next scuba purchases from them

  107. review by john nguyen on 4/21/2013
    Overall Rating

    Great light... actually used this as a primary when diving the cenotes in Mexico. Very bright light and tough. Shipping from DRIS was quick and problem free.

  108. review by Michael Guerrero on 4/20/2013
    Overall Rating

    This dive light is great. It's 8" long, but it has a great burn time for the batteries and it's very bright. Great light for night dives. I use this as my primary, and bought the shorty 1K as a backup light.

  109. review by Art Malone on 4/13/2013
    Overall Rating

    Great light, shipping was fast, and no problems getting them into canada.

  110. review by Zach Rogers on 4/11/2013
    Overall Rating

    This light is awesome! I have used it on several night dives and now take it on day dives. Run time is great and the brightness is amazing. I live on the 32nd floor and can illuminate things on the ground 5 blocks away with this light! As always, great customer service and quick shipping from DRIS.

  111. review by Marcus Pante on 4/6/2013
    Overall Rating

    Awesome light! Just received my light this week and compared it to my old Princeton Tec TORRENT LED and what a difference. Cannot attest to the underwater performance as the lake still has ice on it but with the quality of the construction I have no doubts. Cannot wait to try this with my Gopro as the old light was not bright enough.
    The Service I received from DRIS was beyond first class all the way, a simple phone call and I was able to combine gift credit cards to complete my purchase and they didn't act it as an inconvenience at all... I will shop here again.

  112. review by Tim Krutz on 4/5/2013
    Overall Rating

    This light is wonderful. Very well built, and extremely bright. May tend to scare some of the aquatic life at night in clear water. Do not use the little lanyard that comes with the light however, as this purchase was made to replace a light that we lost while getting back on the boat when the lanyard snapped. We now use cave line and bolt snaps.

  113. review by Jesper Sallander on 3/24/2013
    Overall Rating

    As others have stated so well, incredible light. Solid, hefty, and blindingly bright.

    Since the shorty came out, and works so well with the lightsock, those have become our primary lights, with the big 1000's as backups. With that said, when I was using this as my primary, I was more than pleased with the build and performance.

    I mostly used it to look into nooks and crannies on daytime dives, and it served me well.

    SOLID light, and DRIS was a pleasure to deal with in ordering.

  114. review by Gerry Carter on 3/21/2013
    Overall Rating

    1st time customer, but not the last. Excellent product & service.

  115. review by Richard Nelson on 3/14/2013
    Overall Rating

    This dive light is perfect for what I need. small and easy to travel with. It is a very solid light with a lot of output. Actually took it underwater for the first time this morning to get a look in the port windows of a wreck.

    Thanks to DIRS for quick shipping and a quality product.

    Almost had to fight the dive master to keep it today. :-h

  116. review by Keith Bowhuis on 3/11/2013
    Overall Rating

    Dive Right In SCUBA did it again with this great light. I was practicing in the pool one day when the whole bottom turned into white daylight. I looked at a friend who had just turned on his new DRIS light and I knew I just had to have one. It is solidly made of aluminum, has a good feel with a textured surface so it is easy to hang onto, produces a whole lotta light, and the price is right. At 1000 lumens, it is as bright as my big wreck diving light but doesn't have the broad floodlight effect. It works as an excellent backup light and was ideal during my recent trip to Cozumel for looking at the underside of ledges or into crooks and crannies in the reef- I saw a lot of things that others in my group missed. My buddy used it inside the shipwreck and was amazed at how much more light he had than his normal dive light. It did very well on battery life, and is triple o-ring sealed. Anxiously waiting for spring and shipwreck season to use it some more. Thanks again DRIS.

  117. review by Aaron Kelly on 3/10/2013
    Overall Rating

    I ordered the light based on some recommendation from folks on scubaboard.com. I was skeptical that it would turn out to be a decent light given the price. When I got it it already had energizer batts in it, and fired right up. I was surprised to see how bright it was. I don't have a light meter but I think the 1000 lumen rating is probably not too far from reality. I replaced the batteries with some new store brand batteries from the supermarket. I took it on two dives today and deliberately left it on the whole time to see how long it would last. After about 2 hours in rainbow river it was still going strong. I have to admit I'm impressed!

  118. review by Pablo Tabugadir on 3/6/2013
    Overall Rating

    Product feels really durable... works very good however twisting the light on requires a very strong twist sometimes I have to untwist n try again.... no biggie... but other than that.. its really bright....n for the price... unbeatable..... SHIPPING.. TOO FAST!! ....

  119. review by Teresa Donelan on 3/3/2013
    Overall Rating

    I bought this light after seeing my friend's light in action. This light is brighter on 3 C batteries than my old light is on 8 C batteries, plus it has a longer run time. The only thing that I'm not crazy about is the lanyard that comes with it, but that doesn't have anything to do with the performance of the light.

    I've only had the light about 2 weeks and I've used it once so far. It performed well, as expected. I can't wait to try it out on my favorite fossil beds in the Cooper River this summer.

    The purchasing process with DRIS was easy and shipping was quick. I will recommend to friends.

  120. review by Jim Piavis on 3/1/2013
    Overall Rating

    Took this light for a night dive this week along with my old UK D8 alkiline powered light. What a difference! This light provided a much whiter light then the yellowish UK as well as a nice tight beam here in our Seattle waters. For $90, you can't beat this.

  121. review by Ken Holzman on 3/1/2013
    Overall Rating

    I'm a bit of a light nerd. I own several LED lights for outdoor activities. I do some of big woods hunting where good lighting is a serious matter. As to dive lights, I go back to the era of Ikelite "super lights" for wreck and night dives. While bright, they are big and heavy. This light, however, is very compact for the light it throws. I used it recently in Cozumel to light up the sponges and coral at depth, and to explore caves and overhangs. What's really great about this light is its size. I stowed it in a BCD pocket attached by a lanyard and carabiner. All things considered, this is a great light.

  122. review by CHRISTY FLOR on 2/24/2013
    Overall Rating

    Ordered last minute, but arrived so fast I left before Nemo! I snorkel, so on sunny days the 1000 lumen dive light, (with its three settings) is great for crevices, at night - awesome- and when it gets cloudy I have no reason to leave the water!

  123. review by Matias Labrin on 2/24/2013
    Overall Rating

    I got this torch for attending the night dives on my AOW course and WOW! They are awesome! the beam is so clear and powerful, that perfectly could beat any canister light! My instructor was quite surprise by its power that borrowed it for a dive :)

    Solid construction, long battery life, easy to turn it on, even storing them on the D-rings of you harness is amazing!

    And the price? I think is the best part of it, so I got another one as a backup and carry them all the time on my rig. A must have if you are on a budget!

  124. review by Marianna Idas on 2/22/2013
    Overall Rating

    Very bright, sturdy and easy to use. Great value for the price. The only down side that I can see at the moment is that it is heavy and large. This product is the best in its price level. Highly recommended.

  125. review by Justice Welburn on 2/20/2013
    Overall Rating

    Great light! The hotspot is very even, focused enough to carry very well, but wide enough to get a nice view. Battery life is quite nice, especially considering the output. In all, a great light at a great price! I can light up my living room quite nicely just by pointing it at the ceiling! DRIS service was great as well.

  126. review by Robert Bronakowski on 2/14/2013
    Overall Rating

    The light is perfect in size for my big mitt. Strong beam and easy to use. DRIS did it again.

  127. review by Jeremy Bryson on 2/12/2013
    Overall Rating

    This is a great light. I just tested it against a light meter, and at 3' it puts out 14,500 lux. That pretty bright for a backup light. It has a nice tight center beam that measures about 12" at 6' from the wall. That make the beam about 9.5 degree. So that means my measurement is a little off. However it is close. The spill measures about 7' diameter, and is very uniform. Basically if you are in the need of a new light as a back up light, or a simple primary light, this one is perfect. Just for another point of reference. A light monkey 21w LED tested at 32,000 lux. So this is about half as bright, but still extremely bright, and at the price you can't go wrong.

  128. review by Brandon Whiteman on 2/6/2013
    Overall Rating

    This is an impressive light at a great price. I get questions every time I pull it out has the beam is stronger than a lot of large handhelds. Now, I can't wait to try the shorty.

  129. review by John Perret on 2/3/2013
    Overall Rating

    I can't stress enough how satisfied I am with this flashlight. I used it on a night dive the same day I got it and it exceeded all my expectations by far. I had the brightest light in the whole group. The size is perfect and the price unbeatable. I don't think you can get anything better for the price. DRIS rocks!

  130. review by paul clark on 1/31/2013
    Overall Rating

    I really like this light. Good workmanship quality and holds nicely balanced in my hand. Has an excellent hot spot and generous even spill. This is not a video light. I also own a shorty and found the beam to be very similar. The lights packaging is bare minimum and no instruction sheet but otherwise just about perfect!

  131. review by Marce Brand on 1/28/2013
    Overall Rating

    We received the lights on time and in good condition. They came with batteries and all function just fine. The test for these lights is longevity as we are a Dive Shop and use them often. We look forward to seeing how they will stand up with time.

    The light is bright and we have purchased rechargeable batteries to use in them.

    Dive Right in Scuba did everything that they promised and responded to us quickly and professionally. So far we have no complaints.

  132. review by MICHAEL MOORE on 1/21/2013
    Overall Rating

    DRIS 1000 lumen dive light. Wow! This will knock your booties off. I ordered this light and it came in 2 days right before my trip to Bonaire. On my first night dive it was clearly the brightest of the 6 people I dove with. I think it is a great primary light. One downside is it is heavy so adjust your weight accordingly for proper buoyancy control . A great light at a fantastic price. Hey, buy one!

  133. review by Gilles Rousset on 1/21/2013
    Overall Rating

    Great light, powerful, a bit too big and heavy for a backup light. Long burn time , i use it in heavy green water because of the tight beam. Nice service fro DRIS

  134. review by Michael MacDonald on 1/8/2013
    Overall Rating

    This is a fantastic light! Brighter than some entry level can lights, solid construction, very good runtime. I have even used it as a primary light in New England for some wrecks and it worked very well.

    I would recommend this light to anyone. For the price, it can't be beat. There is really nothing else in it's class for this price range.

  135. review by Francis Arnaldo on 1/8/2013
    Overall Rating

    Very bright light. Lit up my entire living room. Also very sturdy and feels well made.

    Tried it in the pool. Worked very well and the beam is certainly powerful. I definitely buying a second one.

    Kudos to the DRIS team and their customer service - specifically Debra. They were great in keeping me informed of the back order accumulated during the Christmas break and were still able to get it to me in time.

  136. review by paul Kanner on 12/29/2012
    Overall Rating

    This light is great for traveling. Compact size, powerful beam and less batteries to carry.

  137. review by Jimmy Jones on 12/28/2012
    Overall Rating

    LED dive light with great illumination, heavy duty construction, long battery life. Dive Right In Scuba was out of stock but the light was shipped and received in a very short time once stock was in.

  138. review by Robert Kind on 12/19/2012
    Overall Rating

    This light is just what it claims to be. A 1000 lumen light that is compact and easy to handle. Fits in BC pocket and the twist on is easy to use. The light has a very wide halo and great range. Everyone always knew where I was on the night dives.

  139. review by Floyd Stokes on 12/19/2012
    Overall Rating

    I purchased this 1000 Lumen dive light for the great price but did not really believe it would be that much brighter than my old light. Boy was I wrong! I took it on a night dive and surprised at how bright it really was. We had eight divers in the water and several other divers made comments on how bright it was. Great light and size is very nice, handles well.

    Dive Right In Scuba was great. Light was out of stock when originally ordered and then kept me informed.

  140. review by Nicholas Navarro on 12/16/2012
    Overall Rating

    I did quite a bit of research on lights. First I bought the Dorcy Direct light with the Oxycheq hand sock, but realized it was a better backup light than primary when comparing to other divers lights. I am cheap and don't want/need a canister light so I settled on this after reading lots of posts. This light is fantastic. It has 3 o-rings for great sealing and takes 3 C batteries. Seems to burn bright forever and makes more expensive dive lights look weak. Even if you don't use it for diving, it never hurts to have another torch laying around. I clip it to a D-ring with an extendable cord lanyard. Nice, metallic, black and solid. Great buy.

  141. review by David Mckindley on 12/10/2012
    Overall Rating

    I haven't had a chance to dive with light yet but his light is solid. Very easy to turn on and off with heavy gloves. Triple o-rings with access to batteries from both ends. This light is very bright. Beam is not as narrow as I hoped but it really pushes out the light. Can't wait to take down. DRIS is an awesome company to work with.

  142. review by Guil Barros on 12/9/2012
    Overall Rating

    Very bright, good size and weight. Seems very sturdy too. And for $90, it beats the competition out of the water. If you haven't tried one of these you should, it's brighter than my not-that-old can light :)

  143. review by DANEEN CONNER on 12/5/2012
    Overall Rating

    I have not had the opportunity to dive with this light as of yet but I can say that the construction of this light looks and feels very durable. I can not wait to take under water and test it out properly.

  144. review by Justin Daniels on 11/30/2012
    Overall Rating

    I am simply blown away by the quality, value, and light output of this light. It is brighter and has more focus and punch than my primary can light, which is a dive rite lux 1000. It is super easy to attach bolt snaps and just feels well made all around. All I can say is wow. With Three C twist design it meets all DIR standards for any agency. Great job to DRIS!

  145. review by Michael Yukica on 11/27/2012
    Overall Rating

    I am extremely pleased with my purchase!
    Until now I have been using the Dorcy 220 for daytime illumination, under overhangs and in cracks; which I thought was very bright. This light blows it away in a side by side comparison. The DRIS 1000 has a much better spill past the hot spot as well, compared to the Dorcy. This was my first experience with DRIS and they kept me updated on my order until it shipped. Good customer service.

  146. review by Mark Jagodzinski on 11/27/2012
    Overall Rating

    1000 Lumen Dive Light - This will make a wonderful back up light for technical diving and a primary light for recreational. DRIS has manufactured a great light with high quality material. I would highly recommend this light, in fact I bought one for my girlfriend.

  147. review by Bryant Gian on 11/27/2012
    Overall Rating

    Finally my torch arrived~

    My first impression was that its very solid build.
    It is very bright and have enough halo for
    recreational night dive.

    Its bright....much brighter then my UK light.
    Its come with 3 O rings for better protection...

    The only light which comes close to this light
    will be the Intova 800lm Search light which
    cost higher and has a very narrow beam.

    I would like to thanks Debbie for the follow ups
    on my goods....as the first shipment was lost.
    DRIS replace it without question asked.
    Thumbs up for their customer service.

  148. review by Marshall Trautman on 11/27/2012
    Overall Rating

    I purchased this light and took it on a few dives. It is bright. Gets the job done, but not quite as bright as I expected... there was certainly a lot of hype on the other comments I read. DRIS was great for customer services

  149. review by John Nokes on 11/14/2012
    Overall Rating

    I purchased 2 of these for back up lights for the GF and I. These lights hang perfectly from the shoulder straps on our BP/W. They have a very secure off position so they do not accidently get turned on and kill the batteries. They are easy to handle and operate even while wearing thick dry gloves. We ready many good reviews online about these lights prior to purchase.

    While these are listed as backup lights they are easily bright enough to be used as primary lights in many settings. I have handed mine off to other divers that were attempting to use low quality lights in poor conditions.

    I will say I was surprised at the weight of these lights. You can probably take 1lb of weight off when carrying this light. If they were not as heavy I would actually consider carrying one at work. I will stick to my Surefire lights for that.

  150. review by GUY PAGE on 11/13/2012
    Overall Rating

    The 1000 Lumen Dive Light is amazingly bright, fits the hand perfectly, easily attached to a snap link or wrist lanyard, has excellent battery life, and a durable body. Mine was tested in cenote dives near Playa Del Carmen. 6 dives of 50 minutes to an hour each, and NO noticeable drop in brightness. The water may be crystal clear, but when it's dark, it's BLACK in there, and this lit things up well. My light was almost as bright as the guide's $500 canister light. If there's anything negative about the light, it's that the hot spot in the middle of the beam can be too bright when close to things - but it should be obvious a 1000 lumen light is not the light for looking at tiny things close up. Cover the center of the lens with a finger or two when it's too much, but be glad it's so bright when you're at the back of the line in the cavern or signalling someone far away on a night dive.
    Experience with Dive Right In Scuba was great, sale went smoothly and light shipped very fast.

  151. review by david steele on 11/13/2012
    Overall Rating

    this is an excellent light, I keep it as a back up as it is a little bigger than my primary but it is twice as bright. Let it to a buddy and now he is going to buy one to

  152. review by PAUL WALLACE on 11/13/2012
    Overall Rating

    Absolutely perfect light. Almost too bright, except it cuts through the murk in the Gulf water great. Scares the slipper lobsters into moving, making them easier to find. Good weight, feels good in the hand.

    Replaced the lanyard, as it is not of the same quality as the light.

    So happy with the purchase, I bought 2.

  153. review by jason boswell on 11/13/2012
    Overall Rating

    Got this light for a backup light but its so bright I'm using it as my primary. Very solid light and great price.

  154. review by Bob Dankert on 11/13/2012
    Overall Rating

    This light is super bright! I previously had the 500lumen light and this one os built very similarly but better. It has three o-rings instead of two, giving you serious peace of mind that this light will not leak! This light is certainly a bit brighter than the 500lumen light, but still has a very good battery life. I expected that I would notice the difference in battery life between the 500 and 1000 lumen versions but I have not. I can't wait to see what DRIS is able to produce and come out with next! As always, their customer service is top notch.

  155. review by Hordur Heidarsson on 11/12/2012
    Overall Rating

    The DRIS 1000 dive light is a very powerful light for it's size. It's comparable in size to Hollis LED 6 for example, but it's light output is considerably better.

    I have used the light as my primary on two night dives so far and am very satisfied with it's performance. I also have it strapped to my BC for daylight dives and use it for looking into cracks and crevices.

    The only drawback I can see is that the metal parts on the included lanyard seem to corrode pretty easily. I will probably have to switch to a new strap for my next night dive.

    Still, this light is definitely worth the money (and more)!

  156. review by John Vickerman on 11/12/2012
    Overall Rating

    After receiving this light the first thing I did was test it out against the wife's Oceanic OP 3X3, all I can say is WOW this light out is way better. This thing is so bright and well made besides the strap, that being said when the strap broke my instructor held on to it for me. He was so amazed at the light he joked around about losing it so he could keep it. I put a new stainless ring and quick connect on it and use it as my primary light.

  157. review by Bryan Aho on 11/12/2012
    Overall Rating

    Wow! This backup light is brighter than some HID lights I've seen. I love the solid, quality construction and triple o-ring seals. Best batteries for this are alkaline batteries which have a full 1.5 volts each vs. 1.2 for rechargables... Really lets the LEDs shine!

  158. review by Edward Mark on 11/9/2012
    Overall Rating

    1000 Lumen Dive Light. Incredible light for the money. Extremely well made solid feel. It's so good I bought another. Word of advice don't use the lanyard that comes with the light. It will come apart .

  159. review by Stephen Fong on 11/1/2012
    Overall Rating

    I bought this light for my recent trip to the Phillipines and all I can say is wow. I would have preferred a lithium ion powered LED light, but couldn't find one with good reviews so this light was the ticket. I used rechargeable c cells with this light and the results were fantastic. Burn time was about 1.5 hours at full output. Other divers were green with envy as my light lit up the reef, bringing out all the glorious colors. I can honestly say that diving with this light changes the diving experience when diving below 40 feet, or under lower vis conditions or cloudy days. It turns a mono-cromatic world into one exploding with vibrant colors. In low vis conditions, other divers knew exactly where I was as they could see the beam of my light even when they couldn't see me. None of the other dive lights were remotely as bright as my beam would completely obscure their beams, often from 3 times further away.

    I could easily have sold my light to numerous divers there. this was $90 very well spent!

  160. review by Daniel Rex on 10/29/2012
    Overall Rating

    After doing some online research about LED dive lights, I ran across this one and soon bought it. I used it last week for two lobster hunting night dives at Catalina Island. It was far superior to the other handheld lights my buddies were using. Cast a great beam that was both far and wide. When we got out of the water they all wanted to look at it.

  161. review by David Hubelbank on 10/24/2012
    Overall Rating

    I got this light a few months ago and have about 20 dives on it so far. I love it, its as bright as my buddy's HID canister light for a fraction of the cost. I'd highly recommend this light to anyone, its well made and a great deal at this price.

  162. review by Jason Midgley on 10/6/2012
    Overall Rating

    How can I describe this light? How about "WOW", and "Awesome". Granted I have only used this light once in the water, which was last night in a interior Alaska lake, but I had a real good feeling about this light from the time I opened my box from DRIS. This light is very bright, maybe to much if you have lots of debri in the water, but water clarity is good on my home dives at the moment. I used it above water on a couple occasions just to show it off to work buddies, who want one just for home use. This is another quality product from DRIS and I will plan on buying another. I used this light to replace my 400 lumen 8C princeton tec LED that literally fell apart on me. My dive buddies were using Underwater Kenetics 4C lights, I believe Xenon but not sure, and their lights didnt even think of comparing when it came to brightness above and below water, as I could completly shadow their light.

  163. review by Matt Fevergeon on 10/3/2012
    Overall Rating

    1000 Lumen DRIS backup light. Works Amazingly well for the price. Been using for ~10 dives now as my primary since I can't afford a full can light setup. Spent 10$ at the hardware store and built a DIY goodman, and this thing rocks. I dive every week in puget sound and it does the job great.

    if you're looking for a cheap primary, or a great backup, this is the answer.

  164. review by Caleb Conley on 10/1/2012
    Overall Rating

    This light is much better than the Intova stick lights I had been using before this, I was really impressed. Solid construction, and the beam compares quite favorably to most 10w LED can lights I've seen. The beam is not as laser-tight as some, but tight enough for daytime signaling and with enough punch for mediocre viz. And it this price it is an exceptionally good deal. I'm going to order another.

  165. review by Austin Copeland on 9/7/2012
    Overall Rating

    Amazing light! Works great and very bright. Will light up a much wider area than any other light I have used and feels very durable. I would recommend this to anyone for the price and the quality!

  166. review by chad reswik on 9/7/2012
    Overall Rating

    By far one of the best stick lights I've used. Right when this came in, I turned it on and compared it to the I-torch I already had. The light was so bright I had to check the batteries on my I-torch. I took it on a night dive in a somewhat murky lake to see how well it works under extreme conditions and my old light gave me a vis. of about 10 feet and this light gave me at least 40 feet. This light was definitely a great buy and I think I will buy a couple more!

  167. review by James Zimmer on 8/26/2012
    Overall Rating

    I have only used this light on one dive so far and I am very impressed with its performance. Looking forward to many more dives with this light as my primary, might even pick up another one for a backup.

  168. review by Landyn Froehlich on 8/24/2012
    Overall Rating

    This light is awesome. It is bright enough for day dives. At night the light is very bright but not too bright. I am very happy with this purchase. Thanks again!

  169. review by Max Kawaky on 8/19/2012
    Overall Rating

    My roommate bought one of these and we just took it out for a spin comparing it to a Scubapro Nova 230, Hollis LED 5, Halcyon Scout, and Light Monkey Levellan/Rat. On the surface the DRIS light blows the others away, however we noticed that it definitely has a bit more spill and were curious how it would hold up underwater, especially with all the particulate in the Puget Sound lately. Ultimately in the water it still outperformed everything except for the Light Monkey which just barely edged it out with the tighter beam. The DRIS light still seemed to provide more illumination but was a bit handicapped by the backscatter and the wider beam which made it harder to signal with from distance. I wanted to give it 4 stars but really, it is a 5 star light, especially at the price. My nitpicks with it are for my specific use as a backup where signaling ability is paramount. I will still pick up one (or maybe 2) to keep as backups for my backups or for when I take friends out night diving that don't have their own lights.

  170. review by Quinn Smith on 8/17/2012
    Overall Rating

    I am a research diver in Alaska, and bought this light for a compact powerful light I could stash in a pocket. I just returned from a survey, and have probably around 50 dives with the light.

    I couldn't be happier with it, it had held up well, even with the tank-drop-on-light incident, works well, and it is small enough i don't notice it in my pocket. Overall a great investment!

  171. review by carl martin on 8/9/2012
    Overall Rating

    I bought this light to use as a back up, now I use it as my primary. The light is very well made and has a very bright beam.
    It is a great value for the money, and well purchase anthor soon.

  172. review by Brian Thompson on 8/7/2012
    Overall Rating

    Very nice, very bright, very good value. Ordered one to try, 2nd for my wife and now a 3rd for a friend.

  173. review by Steve Miller on 8/7/2012
    Overall Rating

    First dive with the light Sunday - wow! Vis about 5-15' depending on depth, typical green water in the Bay. Light cut through with no problems. Easy to use, nice and bright. Bright enough that another group stopped me on land in between tanks and asked me what kind of light I was using. Of course, I showed them and pointed them to DRIS! Thanks for a great light.

  174. review by Arron Miller on 7/23/2012
    Overall Rating

    Review of the 1000 lm dive light. I had 2 dives this weekend in a lake. Took the light to 95 ft where viz was approx 10 - 15 ft but very dark under the silt. Light performed well - out shined other lights on the dive in a good way. Even in the filthier shallow water (wreck dive at 45 ft) the light performed well. Size does not bother me at all. Wouldnt mind a bit tighter beam, but it is ok as is. I did not receive a lanyard but I use a spring clip and short cord and it stays on my vest nicely. I do not think it is so big that a bungee sock wouldnt hold it on my hand/wrist. For the price, it is outstanding

  175. review by Matt Henry on 7/20/2012
    Overall Rating

    This product is very well built. The light was a little bit larger than I thought it would be, but should have been expected due to using C batteries.

    It produces an amazing amount of light. The beam is fairly wide with a brighter circle in the middle. Prior to purchasing this light my primary was a 500 lumen light purchased elsewhere. This light is quite a bit brighter and has relegated my 500 to being a backup.

    This was my first purchase with DRIS and I have no regrets. Excellent prices, free shipping over $75, great customer service and loyalty points. Need I say more?

  176. review by Scott Mountjoy on 6/29/2012
    Overall Rating

    Just used this during a class this weekend - put my instructor's canister light to shame. He also had one as a backup on his harness, though. This thing is bright, and very solid. I wouldn't have any issues using it to beat down a mugger in the parking lot if I needed to.

    DRIS included the 3 C batteries, and they're actual name-brand batteries not some generic random junk that dies as soon as you get under water.

  177. review by Claude Luu on 6/21/2012
    Overall Rating

    Managed to use this light in Hawaii for a Manta Ray night dive. It's super bright (far brighter than my Hollis LED5). It produces a very nice bright white beam with a generous halo effect. My only gripe, the beam isn't as clean/tight as that of my Hollis LED5. Construction is identical to my Hollis LED5 but has a better rear loop to attach a lanyard/bolt snap. You'll be pleased with its performance/construction and ergonomics.

  178. review by David Greenhaw on 6/14/2012
    Overall Rating

    Solid, well built light. Noticeably brighter than the 500 Lumen DRIS light but not twice as bright. This light has a nice solid feeling in your hand. Rechargeable would be a big bonus but I am very pleased with this purchase.

  179. review by Robert Walker on 6/12/2012
    Overall Rating

    This light is solidly built. It project a nice tight beam of intensely bright white light. The halo effect was strong enough through air to expect good fill of light along the beam underwater. Powerful enough lighting for many to use as a primary light but small enough to be classed as a backup. I'd like to see this light packaged with lithum rechargeables and a charger.

  180. review by David W. on 6/5/2012
    Overall Rating

    I had the ability to finally dive with this light this past weekend and it is AWESOME. I took it out for a midnight dive in a relatively mucky lake in Wisconsin to get an idea of its performance and I was blown away. I brought along my Dorcy 220 for comparison and the DRIS light smoked it. I was sorta afraid that the mucky particulate of the lake would cause awful backscatter, but it was far less of an issue than I had anticipated. This light was just way too good of a deal to pass up on. My friends were plenty jealous!

  181. review by Jacqueline Tregre on 5/19/2012
    Overall Rating

    I have not had a chance to dive this yet, but will talk to it in comparison to the DRIS 500.

    This twist-on light is of comparable size to the DRIS 500. The light twists on easier than does the 500, and it has a larger knurled segment on which to get a good grip. The head is the same size as the 500, and only the tapered segment from the barrel to the head has been extended. The 1000 is about 1/2 inch longer than the 500.

    DRIS has, as usual, been on top of keeping us informed and producing good products. I now have my two cave backup lights. _grin_

    Given that the 500 is, in my opinion, too bright for night dives, I reason that the 1000 will wash out everything badly. The 500 did not work for photography, as it caused a hot-spot white-out in pictures, and I assume the 1000 will be worse. I would bring either dive light on a night dive as an emergency signaling device, because it is so bright, but would have a softer, less luminous light for my critter-watcher.

    Here is a size comparison of the DRIS 500 and the DRIS 1000:

    And here is a shot of the two lights on the ceiling of a very well-lit room:

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does this light run from 3 c cell batteries?
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Is this 1000 lumens flashlights batteries rechargeable? If not is there another light with comparable lumens that could be recommended. Thanks
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  UPS Worldwide Expedited International offers you a fast delivery option to more than 60 countries with rapid in-house customs clearance. Typical delivery times is 1 week to your address. UPS.com will automatically e-mail you the realtime tracking number when your order ships from Dive Right In Scuba. Our shopping cart will not offer you the UPS Worldwide Expedited shipping choice if that service is not available in your country.
  UPS Worldwide Saver International is the absolute fastest delivery method to any country in about 3 business days or less. You will also receive rapid in-house customs clearance when saving time is the utmost concern for receiving your package. UPS.com automatically e-mails you the realtime tracking number when your order ships from Dive Right In Scuba. Some addresses may require additional time for in-country transit due to the remote location of that address. For service availability and exact delivery time commitments visit the UPS.com website for information about your address or contact us for a more accurate quote.

*Your items will ship insured and you may pay some import duties and taxes based on your Local Government. Lost packages can only be replaced after USPS or UPS has issued payment for the lost items. This is why we recommend shipping with UPS for tracking purposes and faster repayment. We have not lost any packages to date, but things can happen.

You will notice that when you pick your shipping options, you will be provided with an ETA of arrival for the specified shipping you decide to go with. If you have any questions or need help with deciding which shipping option is the best for getting your product to you on time, please feel free to call us at (815) 267-8400, and we can help you in getting your package in time.

You will be provided with a tracking number when your product ships so you can track the status of your new products. Please remember that UPS does not count weekends into delivery times.

Feel free to call Dive Right In Scuba if you want to ensure we have your product in stock. We try to have all products in stock, but no matter how hard we try, sometimes we run out of an item. We will do everything in our power to ensure your products arrive in time for your trip or dive and to provide you with the service you deserve.

*Please note that if you receive free shipping and return a product, the shipping costs will be deducted on your return invoice. *

Thanks for all of your support!!

Dive Right In Scuba



Dive Right In Scuba, Your Premier Scuba Dive Shop in Illinois that works for you, anywhere you are, globally!


60/120-Day Return Policy

Hassle Free Returns

At Dive Right In Scuba, we are happy to extend our hassle free return policy to our customers: a 60/120-day Satisfaction Guarantee on ALL of our merchandise.

    • If it is within 60 days and the items are in new condition with original packaging, there is a 100% credit or refund* on any item.
    • If its within 30 days and the item is used, feel free to send it back and get a full 100% credit towards new equipment!  Thats right, you can send it back and get something different.  What do we do with these returns?  We have a used section on our website that we sell these at a discounted price!  * DRIS can, at our discretion, change this policy depending on the condition of the return.  Meaning, if you beat it up within 30 days and want to return it, you will NOT get a full refund.  
    • If it is within 60 days and the items are used, or are not returned with the original packaging, it's not a problem, we will provide you with Loyalty Points for 75% of your products purchase price, that can be used to purchase any other product we sell at Dive Right In Scuba*. * This can be changed at our discretion based on how used or damaged a product is*
    • If it is between 60 - 120 days and the items are in new condition, we will provide you with Loyalty Points for 100% of your products purchase price, that can be used to purchase any product we sell at Dive Right In Scuba
    • You never need to contact us for a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) –Simply return your product to us with the RMA Form, To ensure that your return/exchange is handled in a speedy manner, always include a copy of your receipt. We do recommend calling with any issues to see what the best course of action is, its not always to just send back….so just give us a call and lets figure out the best response!
    • If you have bought an item and it needs to be returned, your original shipping charges are non refundable.
    • Shipping charges are NOT refundable.  If you received Free Shipping on your order, and return it, the charges for the shipping will come out of your refund.  Shipping is inlcuded if you keep the product, a return voids the free shipping.
  • * Certain Items may incure a 10% re-stocking fee(can be higher dependings on custom options or special order).  High dollar items may have a re-stocking fee which covers transaction and shipping charges.  If it is an exchange, there might not re-stocking fee depending on the situation.  We are people too, so we try to make sure it works for everyone depending on what is going on.
  • * Custom items do not qualify for a full refund.  If an item doesn't fit, we will do everything to make sure you get a proper fit.  But, on custom items, there can't always be a 100% refund, due to the custom nature of the item.


To return an item, just follow the simple directions below and we’ll take care of the rest!


    1. Pack the item(s) securely. All returned products should be in the condition they were received in, as well as in their original packaging. Please remember to include all warranty cards and manuals.
    2. Please include the RMA Form with a copy of your receipt.
    3. Send your package via UPS, FedEx or insured Parcel Post. (Please note that shipping charges cannot be refunded.) We recommend shipping ALL products back with an Insured Carrier with tracking numbers. This is the only way to track the product to ensure we receive it. Dive Right In Scuba is not responsible for lost or stolen packages due to Shipping Carriers.


In the event of any questions or problems with your order, or if the product received was defective or damaged, please contact our Customer Service Department within 60 days of receipt. We will make every effort to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. Customer Service can be reached at 1-815-267-8400 Monday through Friday 11 am - 9 pm Central Time or by emailing us at info@diverightinscuba.com.



Dive Right In Scuba, Your Premier Scuba Dive Shop in Illinois that works for you, anywhere you are, globally!

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