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Poseidon One Harness/Wing System

Model: beseaw50

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Product Description

W50 is a sport-wing designed to perform well for both beginners and more experienced divers.

Equipped with ClamRetract?it gives a great volume increase as well as superior bladder deflation capabilities. In fact, deflated, the W50 has the smallest size (drag) of all bladder models within the BeSea range.

Four dump valves and an inflator with a stainless steel mechanism ensures inflation and deflation is always controlled and safe.

Furthermore, the shape of the bladder compensates for the weight of the tank when submerged and helps give you total freedom to move in any direction.

The narrow air passage behind the neck is designed not to restrict head movement or foul regulators and hoses when inflated.

The BeSea W50 is made for equipment with a negative weight in water that does not exceed 19 kg (41,6 lbs) and has a lifting capacity of 225 N.

A double, non-flex tank-band tank attachment system is delivered with the BeSea W50 which can also be equipped with integrated weight pockets, accessory pockets, metal back plate, Pinbolt kit and D-rings.

The Standard size is equipped with a waist belt containing three rows of 40 cc holes.

The Large size is equipped with a waist belt
containing six rows of 40 cc holes.

Four dump valves
Inflator with a mechanism in stainless steel
Non-flex tank-band
Equipped with the ClamRetract system.

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Overall Rating
The Besea is the most Conformable technical Backplate and Wing system I have used... The LPI is very strong and precise as well as having 4 venting points of the wing... The harness itself is extremely conformable (even when diving shirtless)... It is excellent as well for the traveling diver as it all can fold up very tight at very minimal weight... I have dived this with twins, singles and side-mounts and will not be going back to a standard harness system...

Things that I recommend for improvement would be;
- Include more D-Ring kits it does need the ones on the side.
- Swap out the quick release clip in the front for a weight belt type buckle.

This is an excellent system which if you like diving with minimal effort this is for you... Perfect Product

Also excellent shipping time to Australia thanks guys...

Tyler Mitchell

Overall Rating
This is an amazing BCD. I have done approximately 40 dives in mine and I love it more and more.

Strong Points:

It is extremely comfortable. I am a large man, and the BeSea fits perfectly, snug and once you are strapped it, it stays where it is. So it doesnt ride up and down your back.

It is very customizable. This BCD can be set up to what suits you best, Where you want your D-rings, Where you want your weight pockets, and also has the ability to accommodate any extra things you wish to bolt on, such as a knife or extra utility pockets. You can also choose to use different size wings on the BeSea to accommodate doubles. (Need an adapter plate to use the doubles)

This BCD is also very robust. The materials used are top notch and even just fiddling with this BCD you will notice that it is solid. Even the inflator uses stainless steel buttons instead of plastic. The nylon is strong and even after 40 dives she looks practically new.

Rear inflation is also amazing as you feel much more free to move while diving as the wing wraps around the tank instead of your body when it inflates. If you have just started diving, and not sure whether you should go for a wing, just go for it. It is much better than having your torso put into a vise when your BCD is inflated. The air is also dumped quite easily from the bladder and I found that all the valves work well.

Not so Strong Points:

One of the things I didnt enjoy too much was that I had difficulty using this unit with a weight belt. I had to adjust it to make it a bit shorter to accommodate my belt. When used with pockets though, it is amazing.

Some people have complained that it is hard to assemble. Personally I havent had a problem with this, as I quite enjoyed putting my BeSea together. But to be thorough, I thought I should add in that it does require some assembly.

Overall I cant sing this units praises enough. If you are in doubt, just give one of them a go the first chance you have. It is an awesome BCD, and the day it gives in it will be replaced with the same one.

Gunther Adam

Overall Rating
The Besea wears very well and fit almost all sizes. It is light and responds quickly to commands. The only bummer is that the BCD does not come with the low pressure hose.

Julio Antonio Massotti

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Does this include the steel backplate?
1 answers
How much does it weigh?
1 answers
Would this be a good harness wing for the double low pressure 50's and do you sell the stainless steel back plate also the weight pockets for it
1 answers
I'm confused. You refer to the Besea 50 in your product description, and the One Wing and One Harness. The Poseidon Website only shows the One. Is this the new product or the old one? I am 5-10, 195#, 34" waist. Which size for me?
1 answers
I want to confirm this system if are included one wing & one harness, total 2 pieces? And which size I was fitting? I'm tall 6.0ft, weight 190lb, weist 36"inch How long you will sent the goods after I paid the order?
1 answers
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