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Zeagle Co-Pilot Slimline 3 Console

Model: 371-9705

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Product Description

Depth gauge

  • Max Depth indicator
  • 220' depth scale
  • Easy to read dial
  • Large, luminous gauge face
  • Also Available in Metric


  • Top or side reading
  • Quick responding
  • Reads accurately over a wide tilt range

Pressure Gauge

  • Accurate and reliable Bourdon tube design
  • 5000 PSI / 300 BAR scale
  • Visual low air indicator
  • Also available in Metric 
  • Available in a console or as single gauge
Product Reviews

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Overall Rating
Really like my Zeagle slimline console. Max depth and pressure gauge are easy to read, easy to reset the maximum depth even with gloves on, and most important accurate. Have had mine for 4 years now and they are still going strong. The compass is responsive, easy to read, and works well. Overall quite happy with it so far, and Zeagle has great customer service in my experience.

will mcmanus

Overall Rating
The co-pilot slimline 3 is great and easy to read, but will not drag you down by size. Dive Right in Scuba team was quick and very knowledgeable on the equipment and I received it in no time at all. Love this console. Would recommend it to anyone.

Michael B Johnson

Overall Rating
After much research I found this compact console and I never looked back. It is small enough that it easily clips to your BCD and is not in the way during your dive. It also is clear and very readable even during night dives. I actually use this console along with my Mares Icon HD wrist computer as that computer is not equipped with a hoseless tank pressure gauge.

Once the hoseless tank pressure gauge for the Mares is released later this year I will still dive with this combo console as a backup. Some divers feel this is redundant but when you are diving you are risking our life. I feel like I might as well have the backup in case my wrist computer dies. It also will allow me not to halt my dive should my wrist computer die on me.

In summation, this is the perfect dive console as it is compact and easily readable and has everything you need. A depth indicator, SPG, and compass in one. I recommend this to all divers, especially those that dive with a wrist computer and want a compact easy to read console that does not get in you're way. 5/5.


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