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Open Water Certification

Dive Right In Scuba offers you the best Scuba Instruction from some of the top Dive Instructors in the world! 

Our Openwater Diver Course is by far the best Dive Course available in the area! Teaching the most thorough Openwater Course with dive computers and dive tables, having the most flexible schedule to help meet your needs, and the most training opportunities of any dive shop allows us to give you the best dive experience in the area!  Wouldn't you feel safer knowing that our Dive Instructors and Instructor Trainers teach people how to go back thousands of feet in caves, hundreds of feet down on wrecks, and do training for Police, Fire, and Lifeguard Dive Teams? Yet, they are still bringing that knowledge into your first scuba class!

We offer you the most scuba training opportunities and are very flexible to work within your schedule. We offer the best Dive Training in the industry by the most well known Scuba Diving Agencies in the world!  Once you finish, your Scuba Certification will be accepted all over the world!  Your new Scuba Certification will have you certified down to 60 feet (over 16 years of age) or 40 ft (10-15 years old). Remember, your training doesn't stop here and Dive Right In Scuba can take you from a beginner all the way thru becoming a Scuba Diving Instructor!

Getting started is an easy process. Take a few minutes to read about your upcoming Adventure

First decide if you want to do the bookwork online, at our store, or during a quick weekend course. If you choose to study online, stop by the store, email us below, or call us for your online code. You will still be required to come by the store to grab some materials, but you can start right NOW!

Here is a quick run down of how your dive schedule goes:

Have your choice of doing your Dive Class Online, In Store, or a Weekend Course
If online, you complete everything online then call us to schedule your Online Review on a Tuesday before you head to the Pool. See the below schedule for POOL only as your Classroom requirements have been completed with the Online Study. Remember to schedule your classes in advance and do not just show up for class.

If you are doing the Classroom Study:
Class 1 from 6pm-9pm - Sign up in advance. We start classes every week (every week from May until October and every other week from October thru April). You will study the first 3 chapters of your scuba material for this first night. Come already studied with the appropriate questions answered in the book. We will get you your rental equipment this night and you are ready for the pool!

Pool 1 from 6pm-9pm - Be sure to have your required Dive Equipment purchased (mask, fins, snorkel, and boots) prior to going to the pool. Don't forget we give you a $50 In Store Credit towards this purchase. We have the largest selection of dive gear in the state and have an online store that sells to customers around the world. This provides you with not only the best selection of dive gear, but also the best pricing in the world! Remember you must also make sure you have the rest of the rental equipment that we provide before going to the pool (regulator, tank, bc). You will have a great time seeing what the underwater world has to offer in your first diving experience with Dive Right In Scuba.

Class 2 from 6pm-9pm - Finish the last 2 chapters of your Dive Materials with us at the dive shop. Remember to have scheduled this class in advance. This is your last classroom session and everything else is FUN water work! You will again need to make sure that you have all your course work completed before class starts.

Pool 2 from 6pm-9pm - Your last pool session! Brush up on your newly acquired scuba skills at the pool and learn some new ones. You are now ready to go to the Quarry and see what diving is really like. Don't feel like you are ready? Don't worry, we will provide 1 more pool session if you need it at no charge! Most people don't need this due to experienced staff, but rest assured we will get you thru this if you need a little more time. Extra pool time is available for $25 per session if needed, but less than 1% ever need this.

Weekend Only Class (extra costs may apply) - Need to get your certification in a hurry? Can't make the weekly classes? Well, we offer a weekend Scuba Class once a month. Do your studying online and we will have your online review and pool sessions over a Saturday and Sunday weekend at the local pool. After completing this weekend, you are ready to go to the quarry.

Ok, we have gotten you FULLY prepared as a diver for the real fun....Let's go to the quarry!

Check out this video of Haigh Quarry where you will finish your diving.

You will now take those dive skills that you mastered in the pool and demonstrate them in an openwater environment. You have 2 options for this, we finish your dives in a local quarry, or you do a referral and finish your openwater dives in warm waters on a vacation or trip with destination dive shop (additional costs will be incurred from destination dive shop but you save $100 by not doing these dives with us) If you want us to finish, we use local quarries for your dives. In the winter we go on many trips and you can also finish your certification on one of these trips.  Don't worry, we supply wetsuits and the visibility is about 20-30ft on average at the local quarries.  You will encounter all kinds of fish, sunken boats, military vehicles, and much more over this amazing weekend. That's right, we do a total of 4 more dives over a Saturday/Sunday combination. After showing the necessary skills on each dive, you will be taken on tours of the quarry. This is what you have been waiting for! After the tours, be sure to stick around as we have a cook out on Sunday! Bring some food and join us and other customers for a cookout at this beautiful dive quarry.

You are welcome to join us after your certification on these Sundays to continue diving and expanding your knowledge with dive specialties. To encourage you to come back out, you get 1 month of FREE Equipment Rental when you finish your class (only pay for your air fills) and we also give you Buy one Get one Half off on Dive Specialties for 2 weeks after you finish your class (must be signed up within 2 weeks, not completed in 2 weeks)

You're DIVING!! Start kicking and enjoy this new Underwater World.

Sign up NOW for a $50 Equipment Credit
1 Month FREE Equipment Rental after Certification
Buy One Get One Half OFF on Specialties within 2 weeks of finishing your certification

Call or Email for Online Access Codes and start TODAY

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